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The Pitch: 3 Weird Collabs We Want to See

All that research into this year’s weirdest brand collabs got us thinking: is anything “too weird” anymore? So, we decided to test the limits by riffing on a few unlikely match-ups — and enlisted our design team to help bring them to life — in this first edition of “The Pitch”: a new monthly series where we turn our cultural insights into creative ideas that are just wild enough to become real. (Please note: this is still pending review by our legal team, as is our $D1A coin.)

B Jx Ny Quil

NyQuil x Ben & Jerry’s

Feeling a little under the weather? Well, your cold medicine just got sweeter (and colder). A helping of Get Well Spoon is 100% guaranteed to ease that congestion — not to mention, it pairs well Vick’s VapoRub and a weighted blanket.

Calmx Away

Calm x Away

Calm and Away team up to create a bag big enough to pack all the sweats (and worries!) you accumulated over the last year. Instead of getting “carried away,” just lift the handle on your suitcase to play some pre-loaded ocean sounds. And check out the removable lining which converts into an on-the-go yoga mat.

Nattyx Oakley

Natural Light x Oakley

Natural Light on Saturday night? Great. The natural light on Sunday morning? Not so much.

Good thing you have Oakley x Natural Light “Beer Goggles,” featuring the first transition lenses optimized for both “sunglasses at night” pics and max coverage during brunch.