Perspective Header Three Travel Collabs

The Pitch: Three Travel Collabs You Need this Summer

This summer will usher in a travel season like no other, as consumers, ready to venture out after nearly two years of disruptions and restrictions, are coming face-to-face with rising prices and supply chain issues.

To help travelers navigate it all—from the middle aisle on a crowded plane, to battling in-orbit anxiety—we put our heads together for a special edition of The Pitch: our internal think tank that turns cultural insights into creative ideas that are just wild enough to become real. (Please note: this is still pending review by our legal team).

Casper x SpaceX…Zero Gravity blanket

The space tourism industry is blasting off, but getting sent into orbit by a controlled explosion with an uncontrollable billionaire as your seatmate isn’t for the faint of heart. Studies show that time in space literally alters the human body, but what about the human mind? Nobody wants to deal with an anxiety attack in the thermosphere. That’s why travelers are ditching their typical neck pillows for Casper x SpaceX’s Zero Gravity Blanket, which will keep you grounded as you’re propelled 17,500 MPH above the Kármán line.

Casper x Space X Zero Gravity Weighted Blanket

Bear Grylls x Lonely Planet…Man vs. Aisle

I’m Bear Grylls—in partnership with Lonely Planet—and this…is Man vs. Aisle. You’ve seen me survive some of the most dangerous places on Earth. Now, summer travel is heating up faster than the Sahara and I’m about to tangle with some of the most inhospitable terrain known to man: be it a “NEW! Alluring loft, close to Santa Claus” Airbnb” or a full-capacity middle plane seat in the center aisle battling through a brutal hangover. You’ll never make your connecting flight without the right navigational skills, and one slip in hotel booking could cost you, well…not your life, but several hundred misspent rewards points. So I’m pitting my wits against nature and outrageous travel prices.

Bear Grylls x Trip Advisor Survival Guide

OFF! x Aesop…Eau de Citronella No. 9

The Amalfi coast is idyllic this time of year. Pristine crystal clear water and fresh caprese await, and you don’t want to spend your dream vacation either as a mosquito’s aperitivo or smelling like a stinky campsite. Rather than falling prey to nightmares of phantom bug bites and incessant itching, spritz on a sophisticated botanical scent featuring citronella layered with lemon, eucalyptus and a bottom note of fear (white musks) to keep any pests at bay. Make sure Eau de Citronella No. 9 is in your travel bag this summer. It just makes scents.

Off x Aesop Lux Bug Spray