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The Pitch: Three Brand Activations the Metaverse Is Missing

As gaming and interest in the metaverse expand, so does the already wide horizon for brand activations. From Gucci launching augmented reality (AR) sneakers to a Net-a-Porter x Isabel Marant capsule for Animal Crossing, the metaverse is open for business.

We dreamed up some ways brands can stake their claim in this new frontier in this edition of “The Pitch”: a monthly series where we turn our cultural insights into creative ideas that are just wild enough to (maybe) become real. As always, this is still pending review by our legal team.

D1 A Perspectives GTA

Grand Theft Seinfeld

Refill your tanks and fasten your seatbelts, because Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee is renewed for a new season, but with a twist. This time, Jerry Seinfeld takes a detour through the virtual San Andres, driving his beloved vintage cars in the lawless land of Grand Theft Auto, interviewing guests as he whips past bank robberies, fends off potential hijackers and tries in vain to follow traffic rules.

D1 A Perspectives Tinder

Tinder Row

If you’re looking for a good time, look no further… This Pride Month, Tinder is recreating iconic gay and lesbian bars in the metaverse with exclusive virtual dating events. Throw on your latest pixelated fashions and meet us on Tinder Row, because this place has everything: social meet-ups, circuit cuties and “YAS” moments that will be sure to serve. From Fiesta Cantina and Akbar in Los Angeles to REBAR, Cubbyhole and Phoenix in New York, let’s raise the rainbow flag (and a glass) to proudly connect with lovers from around the world. We’ll sell NFTs that function as your Tinder Row pass and proceeds will be donated to local LGBTQIA+ non-profits.

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Looking to sell, trade and scheme without the fear of jail time? Come on down to play Hasbro’s Monopoly board game in the metaverse. Why continue choosing a game piece to play when in VR you can be the piece? You’ll be shrunk down to the size of a top hat token and navigate the iconic board game virtually. Buy and trade properties to ultimately win the chance to have a weekend stay at a Monopoly themed Airbnb on New York Avenue.