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The Pitch: Three Brand and Dating App Collabs We Want to See

Between gamified activations, Gen Z-catered apps and finding love in the aisles of a virtual Blockbuster, the world of romance is more in flux than ever before. So what better time than now for brands to shake up the dating pool with some how-did-we-never-think-of-this-before sponsorships? For this edition of The Pitch, where we turn our cultural insights into creative ideas that are just wild enough to make it official, we dreamt up three brand and dating app pairings we ship. You guessed it: this is still pending review from our legal team.

Burt’s Bees x Bumble

One of the most necessary things to ask yourself before any date: are my lips properly puckered? Burt’s Bees x Bumble puts those buzzing nerves to rest. Not only is kissing hygiene always of paramount importance, but this pairing also envisions two bee-centric behemoths together. (And who doesn’t love an alliteration?)

Burts Bees x Bumble

Katz’s Deli x The Lox Club

Standing under the huppah in wedded bliss, welcome our next couple: Katz’s Deli x The Lox Club. While one half of this union may be known by bubbas across the world and the other describes itself as “a members-only dating club for ppl with ridiculously high standards,” we think these two can overcome their differences in the name of love.

Katzs Deli x The Lox Club

MTA x Tinder

As New Yorkers trade in their metrocards for tap and go, Tinder is the perfect bachelor to fill the swiping void left in so many of our hearts. Reject modernity and embrace tradition with this unparalleled union. Sign up now and after 11 swipes, your 12th swipe is free!

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