What's Rising: Week of April 5

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Introducing What's Rising, our new, agency-wide initiative reporting on trends as they’re happening, before they become mainstream. Each week, we'll bring you a weekly drop of cultural moments, creative work and breakthrough trends from across the internet landscape.

  • Escape Pods...With people looking to avoid mass transit and still somewhat hesitant to travel via airplane, car purchases are rising significantly. Cars are now considered a “third space,” used as much for activity as it is to get from point A to point B. Recent Pinterest data has shown that searches for ‘car date night’ increased 2x in the past year. Even further, popular terms such as “car man cave” and “car survival kits” soared in interest, signaling a rise in people using their car for creative activities.
Pinterest predicts getaway car 2 592x578 2x
  • Take a Walk on the Wild Side...Fashion brands are making a foray into the nature scene, and Gucci even tapped Twitter’s famous “Veg King” to be a part of their sustainable “Off the Grid” collection. The famous scissors brand Fiskars even has a gardening and urban exploration collection with designer Maria Korkeila.
  • Elevated Childhood...Childhood was pretty sweet, wasn’t it? We know nostalgia continues to reign supreme when it comes to product announcements and collaborations, but between s'mores for grown-ups and a boozy spin on the rootbeer float, it’s becoming even more clear that people are craving reinvented versions of the treats they know and love from their youth.
Securethebag inside
  • Digital Decor...This one is not about NFTs (yet), but fair warning that this might become the inevitable evolution of this trend. Phone decor is fast becoming the new home decor as our lives increasingly migrate online. For instance, search terms for “ios 14 home screen ideas” and “ios 14 widget ideas” reaching 201k and 18.1k searches/month respectively.