What's Rising: Week of March 29

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Introducing What's Rising, our new, agency-wide initiative reporting on trends as they’re happening, before they become mainstream. Each week, we'll bring you a weekly drop of cultural moments, creative work and breakthrough trends from across the internet landscape.

  • SBS Meets SMS..."Why are so many brands sending me texts?" (is something we ask ourselves sometimes). From hotlines to secret codes and customer feedback, brands are tapping into texts as a way to connect with consumers directly.
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  • Home Makeover... In 2020, we spent the bulk of our time at home upping our interior design skills (or at least we tried). And while many consumers are still planning their vaccications, home goods retailers and a slew of other outdoor brands are prepping for staycations, while helping consumers spruce up their gardens, patios and backyards
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  • Insta Poet...To be or not to be? That’s the poetry of our old homework assignments. Today’s second wave of IG poetry is more humorous and modern, and it can be found on some of our favorite comedians and influencers pages.
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  • Vinyl Tap...Whoever said vinyl was dead clearly wasn’t ready for the recent wave that has seen the demand for record players skyrocket. In fact, in the UK, vinyl spending is currently on track to overtake CDs for the first time since 1987.
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