What's Rising: Week of April 19

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Introducing What's Rising, our new, agency-wide initiative reporting on trends as they’re happening, before they become mainstream. Each week, we'll bring you a weekly drop of cultural moments, creative work and breakthrough trends from across the internet landscape.

  • Citizen Science...It’s not just that people are digging for Dinosaur bones, we’re seeing a large increase in citizen science, encompassing everything from amateur astronomy to the rise of bird watching.
Diane helentjaris S8w I7myz Aj E unsplash
  • The Next Jurassic Park...Ahh, the not so lost art of archeology. Yep, still a thing. Just last week, archeologists dug up a Lost Golden City in Egypt, and people across Reddit and dedicated Facebook groups are clamoring over fossils. Over 1.2B people search “fossils” every month on Google, according to Keywords Everywhere. Who knew there were evenfossil influencers?
Lost golden city
  • Hi-Lo Food x Fashion...Don’t buy the hand that feeds you, unless it’s a high fashion brand. Vetements is the latest brand to enter the food space with their “VETEMENTS BURGER,” an artisanal vegetarian fast food meal complete with branded packaging & available exclusively at one restaurant in Moscow. We expect to see an uptick in unexpected fashion-to-food drops due to consumer fandom for exclusive collectables.
Vetements burger 02