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Three Ways We’re Working Out in 2024

Ah yes, the elusive fitness New Year’s resolution. If you’re dreading going to the gym, we’ve dreamed up three new ways to switch up your workout routine.


CrossFit x Trader Joe’s

Get your reps in on your next grocery run. Stuff your reusable totes and start with kettlebell swings while waiting in the perennially long line to check out—just skip the eggs. On the walk home, break a sweat with some lunges. Sure, you might get some weird looks, but this new workout routine will be all the rage in a few months.

Trader Joe’s? More like Trader Swole!

Corepower Yoga x Central Park Zoo

What if you could perfect your drinking bird pose next to a real-life drinking bird? Enjoy all the benefits of hot yoga but with the excitement of being inside the Central Park Zoo Tropic Zone, where the building is steamy for your (and the wildlife’s) comfort. While your fellow feathered yogis may be a bit rowdy, they’ll challenge your search for inner peace.


VITAL Climbing Gym x Sisyphus

Introducing a new type of bouldering first pioneered by Sisyphus: rolling a boulder up a hill. The beauty is in its simplicity; just you and a boulder going up and down…up and down…for the rest of your life. (Er, no, we mean workout.) No need to anger the gods to try it out, simply sign-up at a participating Vital location.

Might cause feelings of existential dread!