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Three Little Treats, Because We Deserve It

It turns out that most of life's minor inconveniences can be resolved with a little treat—and American consumers, particularly Gen Zers, are looking for fun drinks, little trinkets and even "toilet bombs" to brighten their days. But how many overpriced matcha lattes, designer lip oils and concerningly naked cherub figurines can a person buy? Here are three alternative ways we'd treat ourselves, if they existed.

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Just the Sip

Diet Coke drinkers know one tiny sip changes everything. Now, with an individually packaged sip of Diet Coke, experience the joy and anticipation of a new can with innovative convenience. Simply pop the tab, relish that first sip and move on with your day. Or, repeat until you’ve had your fill.

The first sip, reinvented
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Rebox with Me

Experience the dopamine hit of unboxing your latest spur of the moment online purchase without actually adding anything to cart with “Reboxing,” a new service from UPS. A representative will arrive at your house, covertly remove one of your possessions, box it up and then deliver it. Unbox away without any shopper’s remorse!

See what’s inside
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Your Biggest Fan

Taskrabbit wants to help you celebrate life’s wins, like assembling that IKEA bookshelf all by yourself. Enter a new service: Taskers that come to you after you’ve completed a project to give you a thoughtful compliment, or are by your side as you work, offering motivational commentary. Don’t ask them to lend you a hand though, that’s another service.

You’re doing great