Meet the $D1A Coin

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Danielle Lee

This month, we’re exploring the new money culture: from alt assets, to crypto, to El*n M*sk. But to understand the hype, you must embrace the hype. And in that spirit, we’re introducing the world’s first cryptocurrency created by an agency-- the $D1A. Just kidding….Or are we? (We’re kidding-- sincerely D1A Legal)

You’ve probably noticed that cryptocurrency has edged more and more toward the mainstream. Emerging out of the fringe corners of the internet, cryptocurrencies—decentralized digital “coins” like Bitcoin and Ethereum that, unlike dollars or Euros, don’t have a national banking system behind them—have become a mainstay in the cultural conversation.

Anyone can create a coin for any reason, even as a joke, but a joke that can have real-world impact. Dogecoin is a prime example: created out of the popularized Shiba Inu meme, the currency at one point had a market value of $40 billion—that’s more than some Fortune 500 companies. You can’t necessarily spend $DOGE in very many places(yet), but investing in most cryptocurrencies is appealing in that you become a part of a larger community, increasingly tied together via Reddit threads, Discord communities, and meme accounts. Some creators are even monetizing themselves via cryptocurrencies. Rapper Lil Yachty, for example, created $YACHTY, allowing his fans to invest in his career in exchange for exclusive access to the artist, meet-and-greets, and a behind the scenes look into his creative process. In a way, making your own coin for your audience is like a 2021 version of a loyalty program.

Long story short, it feels like crypto is changing the culture of money. So, naturally, we’re pitching to you, dear reader, the world’s first creative agency currency, our very own virtual coin, $D1A. It’s coated in silver and closely resembles a quarter, but in case the SEC comes knocking, we’re prefacing this coin is 100% fake and holds no actual value — yet.

Just like you can’t go into the Euro Zone and pay for your croissant with $USD, or walk into a department store in New York and pay with Japanese yen, you can’t just buy anything with $D1A. But it just so happens that it would be legal tender here at D1A. So, what might that look like?

Clients who buy $D1A could exchange it for:

  • A wine-and-dine night with CEO Josh Rosenberg

  • A branded Zoom background designed by D1A

  • A private session on storytelling with Senior Storyteller Adam Capell

  • A copy of our ultra-secret “How to Win at TikTok” Bible

D1A-ers could spend $D1A on:

  • Rollerblading in the office

  • A 90’s inspired yearbook photoshoot

  • First dibs on any conference room

  • Barefoot Tuesdays

Our coin won’t help you pay your mortgage (unless your bank is a huge Day One fan), but you get the idea. And while it’s a pipe dream now, if 2021 has taught us anything, it’s that today’s joke currencies might just be tomorrow’s brand loyalty drivers and moneymakers.