Unpacking Our Summer of Creativity Toolkit

D1 A Perspectives Summer v01

Summer is in full-swing, PTO is no longer for PCR tests, and we can finally get a taste of the real-world inspiration we’ve all been missing from our own “creative toolkits” this past year. So what does that look like in practice?

With that question in mind, we developed a photo brief and playlist to be your "Summer of Creativity Toolkit": a companion for you to lean on when you venture back to the office, around your neighborhood or on your first vaccication.

The following photo brief is designed to provide eight jumping-off points for finding a fresh perspective this summer, whether by exploring the outskirts of your comfort zone or approaching familiar subjects from a new point of view. After all, you can take a thousand pics of fireworks and hot-dog-legs-at-the-beach selfies like you do every summer, or you can make the most of this pretty unique moment. And stay tuned for how some intrepid D1Aers took this brief and ran with it. More on our "Hit Refresh" playlist here.

D1 A Summerof Creativity 2021