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Choose Your Own Adventure: Are You More Earnest or Ironic?

by Braelyn Diamond

Are you more earnest or ironic? See what your behaviors online and IRL say about you. Tap through to choose your adventure!

You buy tickets to the Van Gogh Exhibit: The Immersive Experience, do you
  1. a
    Set up to film a TikTok once inside
  2. b
    Post a rant on Instagram Close Friends about how your mom dragged you there
You start partaking in 5am morning runs and meditations, do you
  1. a
    Post an inspirational quote about self-care
  2. b
    Post mid-run with the caption “haha just entered my quirky era”
Your BeReal notification just went off while you’re alone, do you
  1. a
    Immediately post
  2. b
    Ignore until you’re with friends
You’re posting a picture of you finishing the last episode of Emily in Paris. What’s your caption?
  1. a
    Was soo good
  2. b
    Not me binging all of Emily in Paris
Your Spotify Wrapped just came out, do you…
  1. a
    Not show anyone that you’re in the top 3% of Peppa Pig’s listeners
  2. b
    Post a joking sing along
You have a hot take on the cast of a new movie release, you
  1. a
    Tell a friend
  2. b
    Make a TikTok about it
Your Score:

If you got…

Mostly As: You like what you like and you aren’t ashamed about it. You’re confident, earnest to the core and we’re willing to bet you’re a glass half full kinda person.

Mostly Bs: You’ve got more than a few guilty pleasures, but you’d sooner make a meme about them than admit them. You’re the funny friend (even if it’s hard to have a serious conversation with you).

50/50: Wow, congrats! You’re a well-rounded person who knows when it’s time to be serious and when it’s time to poke fun at your quirks. We’re proud of you.