Choose Your Own Adventure: What’s Your Gen Z Work Vibe?

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  • Text Jasmine Barbers & Asia Clark
  • Design Emily Zhang

What gives you more peace of mind: doodling in your journal or your Google Calendar always being snatched? Kick off the new year with our What’s Your Gen Z Work Vibe Quiz and find out if you’re more “Creative Guru” or “In Your Bag.”

1What gives you the most peace of mind?

2After work, what’s your go-to move for food?

3How do you like to spend your free time?

4What is your New Year's Revolution?

Your Score:

If you chose mostly "A’s," your work vibe is "Creative Guru"

Creative Gurus, you’re giving main character energy all 2023. You’re usually the most artistic in the group but this year your eye for aesthetics hits different. You like things a little chaotic because you thrive under pressure. 2023 is the perfect time to slay new projects and think outside the box! Try to select hobbies that encourage creativity while giving you a great work-life balance. Own this work vibe and keep being the creme de la creme of your office!

If you chose mostly "B’s," your work vibe is "In Your Bag"

If you got "in your bag," welcome to your focused era. You naturally know how to work hard, but this year, you’re canceling procrastination. You’ve been meditating and setting goals and it shows. In 2023, you’re ready to level up. You’ve bought your planner—now the sky’s the limit. Use this energy to get organized and tap into your detail-oriented tendencies to reach peak glow-up capabilities!

If you chose mostly "C’s," your work vibe is "CEO of Self-Awareness"

In 2023, we stan a self-aware team player. Your intuition and desire to think big will not only help you get "W’s" all year long; you’ll also put the whole team on your back so everybody eats! You have so much wisdom to share and so many relationships to build in the next 12 months. Whether it’s finessing a report or problem solving a variety of situations in the office, you are your co-workers’ ultimate help desk.

If you chose mostly "D’s" your work vibe is "Ruler of 1’s and 0’s"

You’re the Neo to our Morpheus; you are the "Ruler of 1’s and 0’s." Flop era? We don’t know her. You are a savant and fast learner when it comes to computers and all its glory. When your coworkers have technical issues, you are thorough and well-versed in the art of small talk. You know how to spill the pop culture goss while getting the job done—a multitasking anomaly. 2023 is your year of fun! You have new movies to watch, social media drama to keep tabs on and new technology to learn and master.

If you’re all of the above your work vibe is "Corporate Baddie"

OK, versatility! We see you! You’re a quadruple threat. This year, not only are you in your bag, stretching your creative limits, helping others AND keeping up with the tech and pop world; you’re high-key killing it on all your projects in 2023. Being the office baddie is honest work and in 2023, you’ll officially be crowned the G.O.A.T.