Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Gen Z Dating Terms?

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Dating in the digital age brings not only new apps, but new dating etiquette and ways to socialize. As both social media and dating apps alike have become a tool to brand yourself, dating can take a more literal side on the phrase “back on the market”.

Young people are aware of their potential dates’ marketing tactics and want to identify and label the behavior.

From orbiting to roaching, ghosting to zombieing, how well versed are you in Gen Z dating trends?

1Your date isn’t your usual type. You’re ________.

2You get a text from a girl who ghosted you. She’s ________.

3They ghosted you, but still like your pics. They’re ________.

4Your date pretended to be a feminist. He’s a ________.

5Your GF won’t post you on social media. She’s ________.

6Your date is secretly dating other people. They’re ________.

7He stops making concrete plans. You worry he’s ________.

8It’s going well with the person you’re dating and you’re ready to take it to the next level and let your followers know you’re seeing someone by “soft-launching” your new SO. What do you post?

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