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Please Tan Responsibly

Go SPF Yourself!
The Challenge

Launch e.l.f.’s new suncare line during an age of misinformation around sun protection.

Throughout the Summer of 2023, Gen Z was exposed to a growing anti-SPF movement across social.

In a market crowded with suncare products and self-tanners, we had to craft a unique message to break through the noise getting Gen Z to adopt new habits, starting with e.l.f. SKIN’s Suntouchable!

Who better to teach fans how to tan responsibly than Snooki, given her sun-soaked history living it up on the Jersey Shore? With Gen Z’s appetite for nostalgia, coupled with Snooki's rising fame on TikTok and latest release of Jersey Shore on MTV, she was the one to work with.

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We captured Snooki in all her leopard print glory with a 1990s-inspired PSA, to help warn viewers of the harmful effects of the sun. And content just kept flowing…

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The day after launch, we dropped a TikTok-first version of the PSA that leaned into the DIY feel with green screen images and ridiculous watermarks to amp up the PSA parody messaging.

A dedicated video referencing the infamous “Letter” from Jersey Shore called out the sun’s toxic behavior. Snooki even showed off items in her beach bag to her TikTok audience.

Screenshot 2023 12 15 at 12 07 59 AM

Screenshot 2023 12 15 at 12 07 31 AM

Every PSA needs a phone number to dial for help, so, we made one (1-866-ELF-TANLINE)! We had Snooki on the other end giving sun protection advice, which offered a special easter egg for fans.

Screenshot 2023 12 15 at 12 06 40 AM

Screenshot 2023 12 15 at 12 04 35 AM

And e.l.f. fans loved it.

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