What's Rising: Week of February 22

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Introducing What's Rising, our new, agency-wide initiative reporting on trends as they’re happening, before they become mainstream. Each week, we'll bring you a weekly drop of cultural moments, creative work and breakthrough trends from across the internet landscape.

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  • Clubhouse Hustle...The jury’s still out on the staying power of Clubhouse, but one thing is for sure: aspiring movers and shakers are flocking to the invite-only voice-chat platform by the millions. As the world’s biggest innovators and investors pop up on the app, Clubhouse bios have become the spot to flaunt your exhaustive hustle. Users are using their bios to make long, emoji-filled lists of their businesses and accomplishments. The trend even spawned its own hilarious meme generator.

Elon Mush on Clubhouse

  • Food as Hype...“Drop culture” is no longer being relegated to hypebeasts and the streetwear aficionados. Increasingly, the food industry is being flipped on its head. Food is the new hype. McDonald's dropped a new chicken sandwich (that you probably missed) alongside merch and a collaboration with producer Tay Keith. Chefs are selling food directly via Instagram and a supermarket has become “LA’s Hottest Hangout”.
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  • Drop a Pin...From the ongoing allure of exploring other corners of the globe via Google Street View, to new websites giving consumers the ability to tune into any radio station around the world, new mechanisms that allow us to traverse the globe (digitally) are offering consumers a sense of catharsis and a soothing escape from the four corners of their dwellings.
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