The Ones to Know: Women’s History Month Edition 2024

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To celebrate Women's History Month, The Ones to Know and She1A, Day One’s women-led Employee Resource Group, are spotlighting five of their favorite “storytellHers.” We celebrate creators who tell stories that shape the world and drive culture visually, sonically and through their lived experiences. Year round, She1A continuously strives to empower and inspire generations of women by offering a fresh perspective and breaking down stereotypes across different sectors.

Nneka Julia

Writer & Filmmaker

Nneka wears many hats but first and foremost, she’s a storyteller. Originating from Detroit, she’s also photographer, podcast host filmmaker and writer who creates thought-provoking, visually captivating content.

Nneka Julia

Minyoung Lee

Content Creator

Minyoung is a Seattle-based video and photo storyteller with a platform that artfully documents her journey to becoming her best self through wellness and travel.

Image courtesy of Charlie Z. Huang

Min Lee

Robin Schorr

Singer & Songwriter

Robin, known as the Indie pop singer, Blond in Car, is a risk-taking former film producer who closed her film company to pursue song writing. She has written for brands like Coke and Apple, and various TV series'. She continues to share her dream-pop tracks with colorful social content.

Image courtesy of Biata Shem-Tov

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Rachel Motley

Multi-Disciplinary Artist

Rachel Motley is a self-taught artist who expresses herself through different design methods and tutorials She documents her career journey, from customizing clothes, to designing logos and products, to creative direction and more.

Image courtesy of Vell Taylor

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Allison Wolf

Digital Creator

Allison has spent the past two and a half years traveling full time and is currently chronicling her experience in a New York City co-living space with 23 housemates from 13 countries.

Image courtesy of Leanna Wolf

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