The Ones to Know: Barrier-Breaking Women to Support

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  • Text Carolyn Cutrone
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For Women’s History Month, The Ones to Know is partnering with She1A, D1A’s Women’s Employee Resource Group, to highlight six women in a variety of industries who are breaking barriers, changing minds and being unapologetically themselves in the process. From areas of finance, art, tech, creative, cooking, activism and more, these women should be applauded not only this month but all year round.

Emma Bates - co-founder + CEO of female and non-binary focused social media platform.

Bates, who has a social media and marketing background, launched Ask Diem, a disruptive social media platform designated to function as a search engine specifically for women and non-binary people. The aim being to create a safe space for women to “come as they are and engage in a social environment.” Bates is not only a CEO but a lifelong advocate for gender equity and equality.

Jari Jones - actress, model, activist and producer.

Jones rose to fame as Calvin Klein’s first Black trans model and gained additional recognition at the Cannes Film Festival for her title of the first trans producer to have a competing film. Jones is an inspiring creative whose work champions the empowerment of Black and Brown queer bodies, plus size bodies and all intersections.

Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya - multidisciplinary artist, educator and activist.

The Brooklyn-based scientist-turned-artist creates a visual language that speaks to the collective experiences of the struggles of marginalized communities. Phingbodhipakkiya gives those groups a louder voice to call for change via her sculptures, large-scale murals, public art campaigns and more.

Mariya Russell - award-winning and record-breaking chef.

Chef Mariya Russell is the first Black woman to ever lead a Michelin-starred establishment—restaurants that offer outstanding cooking. Russell wants to help change the narrative around what being a chef looks like, all while prioritizing her health and well being.

Quannah Rose - model and activist.

Rose is an Indigenous model and activist known for using her platform to support Indigenous sovereignty and sustainability. As part of the Hän Gwich'in and Sičangu/Oglala Lakota tribes in the US, she didn’t see herself represented in pop culture and now represents her people on runways and on magazine covers.

Delyanne Barros - face of Delyanne The Money Coach.

Barros is a finance coach whose purpose is to teach women (especially women of color) how to invest, build wealth and reach financial independence. She is a podcast host and Latina millionaire who went from hating her day job and paying off student loans, to investing and opening her own brokerage account, plus planning to retire by age 45.