5 Asian Pacific Pacific Creatives You Should Know

5 Asian Pacific Creatives You Should Know
Selina Dorking

Since COVID-19 was declared a national pandemic, the Asian Pacific community has come together online to celebrate each other and inspire their communities, after several incidents of bullying and anti-Asian attitudes and racism.

  1. #WashTheHate has turned to social media to amplify stories, validate experiences, and change the anti-Asian narrative that has been amplified during the COVID-19 pandemic. By uploading a 20 second video of yourself washing your hands while sharing how COVID-19 has impacted you, we can #WashTheHate together.

2. Felicia Lang, a brooklyn based artist, encourages people to support restaurants in Chinatown through her illustrations. In her illustrations, restaurants in red are open for delivery and takeout and restaurants in black are closed.

3. @wearebetterbrave, @weareuprisers, @asianhustlenetwork, and influencers in the APAC community have come together to launch the movement #HateIsAVirus. By raising awareness through social media and campaign t-shirt/mask sales, their goal is to raise $1M to support Asian owned small businesses that are struggling to stay afloat. Click here to participate!

4. Artist Mimi Zhu uses writing prompts on Instagram and through Write2Heal (a newsletter) to raise awareness around mutual aid groups, mental health, and various organizations that are helping provide relief to vulnerable communities impacted by COVID-19.

5. Journalist Sophia Li shares in a personal essay and through Instagram her experiences from both visiting Wuhan and her family living in China during COVID-19. Sophia also utilizes Instagram Live to bring in astrology experts in a series called Supernatural Is the New Natural: the Astrology Behind COVID-19.