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Think You've Seen It All, TikTok?

You ain't seen nothing yet
The Challenge

Invite Gen Z to celebrate Nike’s 50th anniversary on TikTok.

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Nike commemorated its golden milestone by passing the torch to the next generation. For all the jaw-dropping, groundbreaking moments in sport, the best athletes* in the game are still on the come up.

A TV anthem featuring Spike Lee in his iconic role as Mars Blackmon kicked off the campaign. But how could we turn that message into a movement on TikTok?

In partnership with Wieden+Kennedy, we took the brand film to social to blow Gen Z’s mind by asking them to prove Nike right: the next generation is changing the game one incredible dunk, aerial flip, and tailslide at a time.

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Working with Nike’s in-house music team, we sampled audio from the anthem video “Seen It All” to create a custom sound, pairing dialogue with a TikTok-right beat produced by Chong the Nomad.

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We paired the sound with a hype reel of footage from TikTok creators and went live with our CTA“use our sound to show us your vision for the future of sport.”

We also partnered with a cast of Gen Z athletes across various sports to lead by example and amplify the message.

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And fans showed up.

So we created a highlights reel featuring our top fan submissions and Creators, boosted for maximum reach to close out the campaign with a bang.

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TikTok was into it, making our sound #2 on the platform’s viral sound list the day after we launched.

There are now 60K videos (and counting!) using the sound.

We made some noise.

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