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Gamifying Black Friday

Scoring a deal has never been more fun
The Challenge

How could we break through the Black Friday clutter?

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We knew an ad wouldn’t cut it — we had to build something that got people hyped for holiday shopping, turning a solitary online activity into a shared one.

So we partnered with TikTok to create a high engagement, shared experience to bring friends and families together in a fun way: the first-ever gamified Branded Effect and Hashtag Challenge, a joyful take on the popular game Head’s Up.

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The filter challenged fans to grab a friend and guess as many Walmart deals as possible in 24 seconds. While one player gave hints about the deal shown on the screen, the other player took a guess.

To encourage consumers to join the fun, we built a diverse and talented roster of #DealGuesser partners — including six top creators who showed fans how to use the Branded Effect — and even took over the TopView on TikTok for 24 hours on Black Friday.

Celina Spooky Deal Guesser

139.7MM Views
762.6K Engagements
69.1MM Reach

Splash Twins Deal Guesser

3.1MM Views
63.6K Engagements
2.8MM Reach

Chris Deal Guesser

2.9MM Views
22.9K Engagements
2.6MM Reach

Zachariah Deal Guesser

2.8MM Views
21.8K Engagements
2.6MM Reach

The Scott Family Deal Guesser

2.7MM Views
23.3K Engagements
2.5MM Reach


2.7MM Views
34.2K Engagements
2.5MM Reach

#DealGuesser was the 3rd most used and the 6th most viewed hashtag in the US on all of TikTok, ranking higher than #Thanksgiving.


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