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Reintroducing Tres Generaciones on Instagram

Stopping Tequila Drinkers in their Scrolls
The Challenge

Break through the typical celebrity-fueled tequila sea of sameness on social to drive engagement among Gen Z.

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In 2022, Beam Suntory and D1A relaunched Tres Generaciones on social, bringing a new style and new attitude to the 50-year-old brand.

We prioritized social-first visuals, real tequila drinking occasions and celebrations that stop tequila drinkers in their scrolls.

Using our in-house production studio to cast, capture and edit content, we fueled the Tres Generaciones feed with authentic visuals celebrating the brand’s community, premium liquid and spirit of perseverance.

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We deployed an Instagram Reel-forward strategy featuring energetic backdrops and brand-right cocktail occasions.

And we drove awareness and social engagement by:

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Infusing every post with a celebratory vibe & swapping the hyper-stylized tequila norm for a more casual Instagram aesthetic

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Casting diverse talent who authentically reflect our consumer target & proactively leveraging relevant social platform trends

Through 100+ photos, videos, and story posts, we invited a new generation of tequila drinkers to discover the Tres Generaciones brand.

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