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No Quitters Day

The Challenge

Turn an overlooked menu item into a runaway success.

Chipotle Lifestyle Bowls are crafted to support health and wellness.

In January 2024, Chipotle aimed to revitalize this menu item, reaching a wider audience by highlighting its convenience, nutrition, and great taste.

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The Insight

January is all about forming healthy habits, but over 80% of us quit our New Year’s resolutions before the second week.


The second Friday in January is known as Quitters Day. It’s when many abandon their New Year's resolutions. While most brands move on from the "New Year, New You" theme, we saw this as the perfect moment to support our fans and to help them form healthy habits that last all year.

The Solution

We partnered with the world’s biggest athlete community, Strava, to challenge fans to defy Quitters Day with the help of Chipotle Lifestyle Bowls.

We had fans literally running to their nearest Chipotle. Starting on January 12, we rebranded Quitters Day as No Quitters Day, giving everyone who ordered a Lifestyle Bowl a chance to earn a free one.

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To ramp up the motivation, we partnered with Strava, the world's largest digital community of athletes, to launch a challenge where athletes could compete with their community on exclusive running routes that all ended at a Chipotle. In six major cities the top finishers won a year of free Lifestyle Bowls.

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We collaborated with a creator to run a route on Strava that formed a giant Chipotle logo across Manhattan.

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We partnered with Hank Green, a popular Youtuber, to explain the science behind creating healthy habits.

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The Strava challenges tapped into the running communities spirit of friendly rivalry. In the six featured cities fans ran a collective 9.25 million miles, the equivalent of running around the entire globe more the 370 times.


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