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Nike Yoga x DSG

Made for Joy
The Challenge

Ignite excitement for yoga during National Yoga Month

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In September 2021, we needed to equip athletes* to achieve their goals awareness for Nike’s yoga offerings with consumers of all levels and establish Dick’s Sporting Goods as a go-to destination for women and girls’ apparel.

With an accessible, diverse, family-friendly approach that encourages joyous movement for every body.

Our goal? To make yoga enticing and accessible by capturing the joy that comes from reaching further every day.

Yoga is vibrant. Yoga is diverse. Yoga is fun

Yoga is…


How It Works

We created a suite of social assets capturing the small instances in between poses— the stumbles, near-falls and chuckles as you try to find your balance. Through casting and creative, we emphasized yoga as a shared & accessible wellness practice for yoga lovers of all levels.

Whether it’s two friends for an afternoon flow or a mother-daughter morning routine.

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How Made for Joy lived across Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest

Then, we took Made for Joy a step further with an e-comm enablement strategy on DSG.com. We created web-right assets for a shoppable landing page, featuring priority product from across the yoga category.

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And tapped Nike Trainer Natalie Astrayan for a DSG Pro Tips video, inspiring people of all levels to try or advance their yoga practice with a short morning flow to get the mind and body ready for the day.

The bonus? Kids can join in too.



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