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Mindful Movement with Nike x DSG
The Challenge

Create a seamless journey to reach holistic health.

For Summer 2022, we needed to establish Dick’s Sporting Goods as the destination for Nike Women’s, and reinforce Nike’s mission to celebrate and enable all athletes’ progress toward their goals.

So we created a meaningful connection with our audience by leaning into the value outputs of sport and celebrating small — even imperfect — moments of wellness and self-care.

With Give ____ Get ____ , our goal was to make
working out less of a drain and more of an investment. A reason to get a better night’s sleep. A reason to have a few more years with your grandkids in the future.

Establishing Nike as a trusted partner for holistic health—while showcasing the determination and realness of the DSG active female.

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We tapped six influencers to help us bring the campaign to Instagram. They encouraged their followers to get started in simple ways — to show how small efforts towards wellness give big boosts to connection, confidence and holistic health.

Got time for a 5 minute yoga sesh, a deep stretch at bedtime, or a quick stroll around the block?

Next, we brought “Give __ , Get __” to life across Dick’s Sporting Goods’ platforms through hero video content and paid social assets.

The assets leveraged footage from a two-day shoot in L.A. with select creator talent from our organic Instagram activation, bringing a natural throughline to our campaign.

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