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Napkin Holder

The Challenge

Continue to make Chipotle fans feel seen.

Chipotle has a history of supercharging its superfans through content, products, and actions like Cilantro Soap and a Lemonade-scented “Water” Cup Candle. And in 2023, Chipotle decided to zero in on the ultimate fan truth: From office workers to TikTok mukbangers, everyone steals Chipotle napkins.

The Insight

Fans love our Napkins and their cars have become their new favorite spot to eat (and make content).


Chipotle Napkins have long held a reputation for being America's best napkin (yes that’s a thing). In 2023, TikTok car mukbangs were at an all time high, and with hundreds of new Chipotlanes (aka Chipotle drive throughs) opening, we saw an opportunity to enter the conversation in a way only Chipotle could.

The Solution

Introducing the Chipotle Car Napkin Holder.

A custom designed, limited edition sun visor perfectly sized to hold their stolen Chipotle napkins, getting them out of the glove compartment and within reach for their next meal or mukbang.

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For launch, we partnered with the queen of mukbangs, Shari Dyonne. She went live for 20 minutes on Chipotle’s TikTok account, filming a mukbang with her go-to Chipotle order, showing off her brand new Chipotle Napkin Holder and gifting Napkin Holders to lucky fans in the comments.

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While on our owned channels, we built on existing Chipotle UGC to announce that the Napkin Holder was officially on sale. This became Chipotle’s highest performing piece of organic content in 2023—with zero paid media or boosting support.

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And within 55 minutes of going on-sale, all Napkin Holders were officially sold out.

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Earning It

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