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Into The Archives

Converse Presents
The Challenge

Spotlight the Converse Star Chevron silhouettes for a new generation that might not know its history and influence in sports culture.

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The Insight

Our audience is interested in history, but it has to be presented to them through the lens of something they’re already familiar with, like a cultural story instead of a product focused one.

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Most importantly it needed to feel informative, entertaining, and go beyond a history 101 lesson.

The Solution

We leaned into subversive humor and created a mockumentary series about the biggest Converse superfan, Alistar Chevalier.

Part human-interest story, part history lesson—Alistar the amateur archivist (played by no other than Jasper Dolphin) unpacks backstories and hidden histories behind the Star Chevron silhouettes.

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Alistar Trailer Case Study

Across a four-part episodes series we invited viewers into Alistar’s archive of Cool Converse Stuff ™.

Alistar case study

Each part had a different focus, ranging from the Star Chevron logo evolution to skate culture. Plus all the other unknown, one-off silhouettes within the Star Chevron range.

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We even brought Converse’s real archivist, Sam Smallidge into the mix to trade stories and expertise with Alistar.

The series took off, garnering love for Converse and Jasper’s portrayal of Alistar.

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