Snooze Report & Sleep Hotline
The Challenge

Sleep deprivation is soaring as a widespread public health issue

Although Calm has a wealth of sleep content to help people with this problem, it was most known for its meditation content. So we set out to drive awareness and conversation around Calm's sleep offerings through a buzzy earned moment tied to an event that affects all of our sleep—Daylight Savings.

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The Idea

Ahead of Daylight Savings we launched Calm’s first ever Snooze Report


The report surveyed 10K adults from 10 cities in the US, and 10 in the UK, about their sleep habits and how a lack of sleep affected their mental health.

Our objective: Understand the underlying causes behind widespread sleep challenges and drive awareness to Calm’s sleep content.

The Results Were Revealing, Including that NYC Isn’t the Only City that Never Sleeps.

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We amplified the program with shareable assets that drove buzz and engagement across owned and paid channels.

To help people adjust to the time change we created a hotline that gave the country free access to Calm sleep content and we advertised it on billboards in five cities across the country.

The Hotline Was Also Promo-ed With a Retro Infomercial.

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