The Ones to Know: AAPI Heritage Month Edition 2024

  • Text Bryan Lezama
  • Design Juriel Furukawa

The Ones to Know and The Round Table, D1A’s Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Employee Resource Group, rounded up six of their favorite AAPI creators. Each were chosen because they embodied wellness on their terms—aka wellness based on individuality, whether that's through humor, content creation, cooking or more. Read on to learn more about their journeys of personal growth, mindfulness and authentically, and how they enjoy life to the fullest.

Courn Ahn


A Portland-based queer creator, Courn shows their passion for home design, art and navigating the world on the spectrum via vibrant videos.

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Jeffrey “Jun” Sun


A visual storyteller who shoots cinematic content that’s often paired with advice about how to understand and make the most of your life.

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Image courtesy of Patience Ojionuka

Kalissa Persaud


An Indian & Guyanese actor and digital creator from Queens, NY who spreads positivity through fun and comedic videos that inspire her audience to be their authentic selves.

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Image courtesy of Kyros Morales

Colleen (Huan Huan) Yu

Video Creator

A video creator of Taiwanese background, Colleen creates a space where storytelling meets personal growth, and life learnings become cinematic.


Jameson Hsu

Home Chef

A queer, home chef, Jameson shares balanced plant-based meals while encouraging their audience to live their happiest lives.

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Gabby Le

Digital Creator

An artist who shares her visual field notes from life via vlog-style moments, Gabby invites her audience behind the scenes to see how her content creation comes to life.

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Image courtesy of R.J. Realubit