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Last year, we coined the phrase “Catch 2022” to describe confronting the uncertainty of a wide, weird, post-pandemic world. And it certainly was a year of shifting sands and shocks across cultural, political and economic planes, often one that had us feeling a bit untethered from reality. So after a year on the defensive—weathering geopolitical, cultural and existential crises—how do we regain agency and autonomy, building a future that feels more human, resilient and empowering?

“Precalibrating,” might be a start. It describes anticipating rather than reacting, building a firewall and creative framework to navigate the year (and years ahead) with critical, innovative thinking—and dare we say, optimism.

It’s through this lens that we wrote the 2023 Predictionary: part-dictionary, part-prediction breaking down a series of words like “AI-nxiety,” “trendflation” and “fratigue” that will define the year ahead.

Throughout the report, we’re hoping you’ll add some new words to your arsenal, but more importantly, come away with a perspective shift of the world around you, a mandate to build a future, and a map needed to confront the road ahead, potholes and all.

If you want to hear from some of the minds behind the report dissect a few of our favorite words, like “AI-nxiety” and “trendflation,” be sure to check out the latest episode of Day One FM on Spotify.

Read the full report and let us know what you think!