Welcome to the 2024 Predictionary: part-prediction, part-dictionary, six words to define the year ahead.

The Predictionary identifies and contextualizes the forces that will shape culture in the years to come. We’ve synthesized the best, the worst and the weird (a lot of it) of the past year into a guide designed to help you understand and navigate the next one through a critical lens — the important part.

We’ll take you through three chapters exploring 2024’s key questions: Why is it so difficult to understand what’s happening and/or popular on the internet (Alternet Reality)? How do we break out of cultural “mid-iocrity” (Too Mid to Fail)? How will we navigate the shifting dynamics of fandom (The New Stan-dard)?

2024 is going to be a challenging year and distilling the outlook equally… difficult, and easy to overthink. There are exciting opportunities on the horizon, though they’re not always given airtime or picked up by the algorithm. We’re focusing on the bright spots. After reading this, we hope you do, too.