Casey Lewis

An Interview with After School’s Casey Lewis, Part 1

Things are busy this month on Day One FM, and we're excited to introduce our first official "friend of the pod" for a two-part series on the trends we're noticing among Gen Zers.

For We spoke to Casey Lewis, author of the youth-culture newsletter "After School,” about Gen Z retail trends and how brands can stand out in the ever-competitive attention economy.

Will Millennials make Depop uncool?

Is your email inbox the new shopping mall?

*How might* Crockpot become a cult Gen Z lifestyle brand?

Can you "invest" in Shein garments?

Was the famed liminal space, "the NYC Kmart," on University Place or Astor Place?

Find out—and stay tuned for part two of our conversation next month, where we dive into Gen Z's gonzo money mentality and why so many are looking to be "creators."