Our Favorite Creative LGBTQQIP2SA+-Owned Businesses

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  • Text Randi White
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To celebrate the influence the queer community has had on creativity, D1A’s LGBTQQIP2SA+ Employee Resource Group, Slay One, is highlighting 10 queer-owned businesses that consistently bring members of their communities together, shape our culture for the better and advocate for visibility and equality for all.

Out of the Closet (OTC)

Thrift Store

Out of the Closet (OTC) was founded in 1990 to help raise funds and awareness for AIDS Healthcare Foundation. To this day, when you shop or donate at Out of the Closet, 96 cents of every dollar made goes to AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s HIV prevention and treatment services. As a result, OTC is able to offer high-quality HIV testing services at all of their locations. Not only does the business provide affordable clothing to the queer community and its allies, but they give back to the community in a meaningful way by fighting against HIV and AIDS.



Luar is the reversed namesake label of Williamsburg-based, queer designer and business owner, Raul Lopez, who is also the co-founder of Hood By Air. Lopez, who is of Dominican descent, began designing at the age of 12. He was inspired by the downtown New York City scene and wanted to share this energy with his friends who lived uptown in Washington Heights, where they would frequent Dominican clubs and parties. Luar’s philosophy lies at the intersection of New York City and Dominican culture.



PHLEMUNS is a Black and queer-owned fashion label based in Los Angeles founded by James Flemons in 2013. Born out of a desire to bridge the gap between elevated fashion and everyday communities, the unisex brand adopts an inclusive ‘slow-fashion’ approach, meticulously crafting each collection with intentional design and accessibility in mind. PHLEMUNS blurs traditional design constructs and shapes, and shatters the concept of binary clothing.

NiK Kacy

Footwear & Accessories

The NiK Kacy label is the first genderequal & genderfree footwear and accessories brand dedicated to creating designs that go beyond the gender binary. You can find this brand at pop-ups at LA fashion week.

Lagrimas De Oro


Lagrimas De Oro is a first-generation Salvadorian and queer-owned custom jewelry brand. The jewelry is custom made with sustainable products and centered on energy adornment which means helping people connect to themselves through spirituality and self expression.

Milk Handmade


Milk Handmade is a sustainable fashion brand featuring a variety of independent designers and makers who produce locally and ethically, and use environmentally friendly practices.

Milk is owned and operated by Chicago-native Hallie Borden who is passionate about supporting local artists and businesses, and providing a creative outlet for herself and the entire Chicago design community.

Higher Self

Gift Shop

Located at Wokeface headquarters in Portland, OR, Higher Self is a queer-owned, artist-run gift shop that curates 150+ independent makers and artists, locally and beyond. To create the “higher self” that they aim to cultivate in each person, they lean heavily into colorful, illustrative, psychedelic, introspective & spiritual art and merchandise.

Artifact PDX

Vintage Clothing Brand

Artifact PDX is a queer-owned, design-driven vintage shop that promotes these cool individuals and sells their products. It provides an eclectic, curated collection of one-of-a-kind pieces anchored in modern and vintage design to help everyone express themselves individually—without having the environmental footprint.

Beppy Bella

Jewelry and Accessories

New York-based label Beepy Bella is a queer-owned, whimsical jewelry and accessories brand founded to create lasting change in its industry, by pushing the boundaries of jewelry and fashion to include fine art. It’s also building a community of artists and innovators to propel the brand. Beepy Bella celebrates craftsmanship, experimentation and boundless self expression.

Housing Works

Thrift Store & Gift Shop

Housing Works is an organization with a mission to end the dual crises of AIDS and homelessness through advocacy. Housing Works has thrift shops from donations which sell an eclectic collection of clothing, accessories, art, furniture and homeware with all proceeds supporting their lifesaving services and relentless advocacy.