If You Didn't Post About it on Social Media Then Do You Really Care?

If You Didnt Post About It On Socia Media Then Do You Really Care
Sophie Krieger

Every day when I check social media, it seems as if there is another cause or issue being discussed, argued, defended, and advocated. Social media and the prevalence of political discussions taking place on these platforms have changed the way Gen Zers are learning about and activating around today’s issues. It has become an important tool to spread information about a cause, and connect with others to rally support.

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The Rallying Cry

Facebook’s (client) 2018 fundraiser, which went viral, has aimed to help children and families being separated at the U.S. and Mexico border. It has raised over $20.7 million to date. Through the influx of likes, comments, and shares on the link to the Facebook fundraiser, people quickly became aware of this growing issue, and the fundraiser tool created an easy call to action for users to donate money to the cause.

Social media has not only allowed information to spread about important issues, it has also played a huge role in organizing and assembling people to rally in marches and protests. The 2018 Women’s March rallied approximately one million people to join in over 200 Women’s March events around the country. Through Facebook Groups and Events, people organized and planned marches online, and shared the stories inspiring others to get involved.

On Earth Day, my Instagram feed was flooded with magnificent photos of beautiful landscapes around the world, from ski mountains to national parks, all campaigning to protect our planet and rally support behind this environmental movement. The outpouring of these types of posts

A Brand's Role

Social media has become the ultimate tool to get people talking about the issues and a powerful way to garner awareness and activate around important social, political and environmental causes. But it is important for my generation to remember that real change takes time. Although the speed of the feed is fast, change can oftentimes be slow. As social media becomes an even greater news source for us, it’s important for brands and marketers to utilize these platforms to foster the good in this growing generation of consumers. The companies I am most loyal to are the ones who realize they have a corporate responsibility to further the social good of our society.

The North Face Renewed is part of the apparel company's efforts to cut clothing waste and mitigate environmental damage.

As social media continues to change and reshape what activism looks like for the next generation of consumers, it’s critical for brands and marketers to understand that for my generation advocating for change is a social experience. To stay in the conversation, be part of the change.