Five Hypothetical Brands Designed Entirely by AI

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In our last newsletter, D1A's Group Creative Director Dan Lustig wrote about learning to lean into AI, saying, "Around the design community specifically, I see a lot of pessimism and pushback [around the rise of AI art]—and that’s understandable. A lot of 'We’re being replaced' and 'People will always crave something real, man.' And maybe that’s true, but that’s not the point. The best part of getting paid to be creative for a living is that we get to play with new technology and use it to our advantage."

To continue this celebration of creativity and AI art, we ventured into the AI-verse to create hypothetical brands. D1A's design and creative strategy teams linked up to imagine fake brands, ranging from motel chains to coffee labels. With baseline ideas in place, each group turned to AI software DALL-E 2 to input keyword prompts, reacting to the results and tweaking the data to bring these visions to life. By working with the AI generator, the groups helped shape an entire look and feel for their respective hypothetical brand. Then, they fleshed out their brands, conceptualizing taglines and Instagram bios, ultimately culminating in brands we wish were real.

From the furniture of the future brand Futurniture—sponsored by potential celeb ambassador Grimes—to the intergalactic rodeo jeans brand Saddleback Space Denim, S.S.D., check out our imaginary brands—complete with AI-generated logos—below!


Name of brand: Futurniture

Tagline: Furniture of the Future

Celebrity endorser: Grimes

Mission statement: Bringing the look of Blade Runner to your bedroom and Tron to your coffee table. Lean back while you lean into the future.

Instagram bio: 0110111010001100111

Night Owl Coffee

Name of brand: Night Owl Coffee

Tagline: Coffee not Calm

Celebrity endorser: Ninja

Mission statement: Regardless of obstacles and challenges, we provide the energy you need to complete life’s next level.

Instagram bio: 2up with your next cup ☕️

Play Things

Name of brand: Playthings

Tagline: Not those adult toys.

Celebrity endorser: Leonardo DiCaprio

Mission statement: Making the scary things about adulthood fun and shiny.

Instagram bio: Not those adult toys. | 18+ or not.

Saddleback Space Denim

Name of brand: Saddleback Space Denim, S.S.D.

Tagline: Don’t have a cow, wear S.S.D. pardna!

Celebrity endorser: Lil Nas X x Orville Peck

Mission statement: We bring denim to the intergalactic rodeo. Buckle up.

Instagram bio: Yeehaw 👽✌️🛸

Underwater Squid Motoal

Name of brand: Underwater Squid Motoal

Tagline: Nobody better lay a finger on my squid friendly underwater motel

Celebrity endorser: Seal

Mission statement: Enhance the lives of scuba divers by offering them a safe place to hide from sharks and dine with squids

Instagram bio: A day with underwater squid motel is good!