Core-oscopes: What Trending ~Aesthetic~ Do the Stars Have in Store for You This Month?

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  • Text Emma Fecko
  • Design Keya Shah

With Gen Z’s penchant to “-core”-ify everything—that is, add a -core suffix to any and every “vibe” or “mood,” viral microtrends like cottagecore and gorpcore have overtaken internet algorithms, creating a deluge of rapidly changing, and oftentimes ultra niche, cultural identities discernible to only the most chronically online. The trend cycle moves fast, so we’ve connected with the cosmos to outline your forecast for the month ahead by pairing each zodiac sign with an ~aesthetic~ that has cropped up in the cultural zeitgeist. Read on for our predictions.

Quarterly Core Oscopes Editorial Aries

Aries: Villaincore

Rambunctious rams: you’re the hero of your universe, but to keep it 100 with you, we all know there’s a villain bubbling just beneath the surface, waiting to be released. This month, the cosmos say: turn to the dark side with villaincore—an aesthetic all about embracing your power and climbing your way to the top, no matter who you step over to get there. February is for getting comfortable in that subterranean lair of yours, putting yourself first and trashing that parking ticket.

Quarterly Core Oscopes Editorial Taurus

Taurus: Cottagecore

No bull—this month, the stars want you to embrace the idyllic, pastoral panache of cottagecore. You already luxuriate in living life at your own pace, so why not take your love for leisure to greener pastures: a secluded acreage in a flyover state? We envision a beautiful landscape of butter churning, berry-picking and prairie-ready looks in your future.

Quarterly Core Oscopes Editorial Gemini

Gemini: Night Luxe

As the social butterflies of the zodiac, the cosmos see you fluttering into all things night luxe, a trend for the martini-sipping, price-tag-ignoring it girl. Life will be a party, so put on those dancing shoes (the higher or flashier the better), go for gold or glitter and saunter your way into a month of hedonism. More is definitely more.

Quarterly Core Oscopes Editorial Cancer

Cancer: Y2KCore

Crab cuties: if there’s one thing Cancers love, it’s nostalgia. This month, dig your pincers into the turn of the millennium. Grab your Playstation, sing along to Fatboy Slim and pick up The Matrix from your local Blockbuster. (JK, just open up Netflix and embrace canceling plans, but that would’ve been fun, right?)

Quarterly Core Oscopes Editorial Leo

Leo: Coastal Grandmother

Lucky Leos—the cosmos are celebrating your singular skill to steal the show. Like the iconic wine-drinking, book club-loving, Ina Garten-lauding coastal grandmother, you’re the main character in your own Nancy Meyers fantasy. Get comfortable in that matching linen set and we’ll see you in the Hamptons.

Quarterly Core Oscopes Editorial Virgo

Virgo: Dark Academia

As the certified teacher’s pets of the zodiac, the stars—especially Mercury, your ruling planet—applaud your passionate pursuit of knowledge to coincide with the Secret History reading, esoteric, education-minded Dark Academia folks. This month, take your sweater vest-clad self to the library and get lost among the stacks. Light some candles and cozy up in front of the fire with a strong pot of tea: Mary Shelley’s oeuvre isn’t going to read itself!

Quarterly Core Oscopes Editorial Libra

Libra: Barbiecore

With boundless beauty and charisma led by your ruler, Venus, Libras are already bona fide Barbies. But consider this month’s horoscope your official induction into dolldom, which dovetails nicely with hot pink being the hallmark of this trend. Life in plastic is fantastic, so start thinking pink. Slip on your girliest tennis skirt, apply your glossiest LipSmacker and strap up your glitziest heels.

Quarterly Core Oscopes Editorial Scorpio

Scorpio: Gothcore

We know you’re more than darkness, Scorpio, but indulge Mercury going direct (and yourself) this month by embracing your emo side. The sun is aligned with power planet Pluto: Wear something fishnet, lace up your platforms and grab that black nail polish.

Quarterly Core Oscopes Editorial Sagittarius

Sagittarius: Gorpcore

Adventurous archers: if it’s hard for you to settle down, don’t worry! The cosmos want you to head to the great outdoors with gorpcore, a trend best defined by functional clothing, hiking and of course, Good Old Raisins and Peanuts. Layer up in that fleece and button your cargo pants (the more pockets the better, for all that granola) and get active before the 14th of the month. Happy trails.

Quarterly Core Oscopes Editorial Capricorn

Capricorn: Blokecore

You may be represented by the mystical goat-fish, but we know at heart you’re just one of the guys. So get your hoove-fins (?) into the (football) game with blokecore, the trend encapsulated by bootcut jeans, football tops and vintage tees. This month, rally your lads, throw on your jersey and scream “Manchester United” for all to hear.

Quarterly Core Oscopes Editorial Aquarius

Aquarius: Goblincore

The union of Uranus and Saturn in your chart lends you a one-of-a-kind eccentricity. Now is the time to let your freak flag fly with goblincore. The stars see you retreating to the forest, much like the fantastical woodland resident itself, and collecting all the moss, mushrooms and frogs your heart desires. In reality, though, this could simply mean going goblin mode on social or experimenting with shrooms.

Quarterly Core Oscopes Editorial Pisces

Pisces: Mermaidcore

Sensitive fish friends, this month we’ll find you in your natural habitat as you channel your inner mermaid, with the aesthetic embodying all things aquatic, like shell chain necklaces, long pastel hair and chunky flip flops. February is about riding the wave of where life takes you while adding a Vitamin C serum to your skincare routine for a dewy glow and doubling down on your water consumption at work. And hey, no one can tell how much you’re crying if you’re surrounded by water!