An Ode to Hot Sauce

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Rob Longert

There’s nothing more powerful than food. It can strengthen us, unite us, make us happy and feel full (literally). Inspired by this, we introduce Dining With Day One. More than a cookbook—though there are delicious recipes—Dining with Day One is our team’s love letter to food and the creativity and community fueled around the kitchen table.

We wanted to share an excerpt from our Managing Director Rob Longert and his love letter to hot sauce (because even spices deserve a little love). Check it out below.


To whom it may concern,

Unlike many emails that you probably receive in your customer service inbox, I’m hoping this one is a bit different for you as it’s an ode, a thank you, a moment to reflect and realize your impact on my life and the lives of so many. So here I go.

And you’ll probably notice that some of your peers are copied on this note. I hope you don’t take offense here… it’s hard to pick a favorite when I love you all equally!

“You have the power to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.”

When I‘m about to sit down to a meal and open my fridge (side note: are you supposed to keep hot sauce in the fridge?) and make a choice of who’s coming along for the delicious ride, I look at my team (of condiments—specifically hot sauce) in wonder, awe and appreciation. No matter which hot sauce I select, I know it’s going to add something special: A party of flavors, a stain on my shirt, maybe even a little sweat on the brow.

You’re an integral part of my routine and the routines of many. You have the power to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. The mundane into eventful. A simple scrambled egg, sautéed veggies or grilled chicken into a gourmet meal.

I can't say I predicted our relationship would turn into this. Looking back over the last 30 years, there’s no way I could’ve known we’d wind up here, based on my feelings towards ketchup as a youngster… but here we are.

So again, thank you for enhancing and exciting, cooperating and creating, intriguing and inspiring, and uniting and usurping me and my many meals.

I’ll continue to see your value, spread the word, and hopefully one day, convince my kid that you’re better than ketchup.

With spice (insert chef’s kiss emoji),