A Global Moment. A Shared Identity

Global Moment Shared Identity

By Celina Pereira

The Day One Agency Design team, led by Celina Pereira, created 32 posters to remind us that we’re at our best when we recognize ideas have no borders.

We interviewed Celina Pereira about why she was inspired to create these unique pieces of art. See and save the full collection of posters at d1a32.com

World cup posters

1. Why you were inspired to take on this project?

When the World Cup comes around, a lot of designers create amazing initiatives around it. I wanted to create these illustrations for the World Cup to use the cultural moment as the unifying vehicle. What I really want this to be about is diversity and our identity as Americans. We are a nation built by immigrants. Celebrating that is a huge part of feeling patriotic to me.

2. What was your process and goal visually?

When starting the designs and setting the art direction, I knew I wanted to keep it minimal and straightforward — and a little groovy. Each illustration uses only the colors (and slight variants) of the American flag and/or that particular country’s flag. The aesthetic is minimal and plays with layering and negative space. I love the idea of how culturally rich Americans are because of cross-pollination, and I wanted to reflect that in the style of design.

3. What is your perspective on national identity — yours personally and beyond?

My family is 100% Brazilian. My parents immigrated here 30+ years ago, and my brother and I were born in Maryland. He now works on the Orion spacecraft for NASA, the first spacecraft designed for human exploration. My closest friends have all kinds of colored backgrounds, some born in Iran and Pakistan, others whose families have been in the United States for generations. Most of these people I just mentioned work for the federal government.

I take so much pride in being able to hold two citizenships and neither dilutes the importance of the other. I feel fortunate to have been born here and have the opportunities that I have. I also feel fortunate to input a different perspective when and where I can, thanks to my parents and the country that brought my love of soccer to me in the first place — Brazil. There are so many others who share this sentiment, who may have started their personal narratives elsewhere and found their way to this country. This artwork chronicles the constant process of acknowledging and expanding what it means to be American.

See the full collection of posters here (and feel free to save as your phone wallpaper): www.d1a32.com

Brazil poster