The Pitch: 5 Brand and Musician Collabs We Want to See

  • Text Trey Taylor
  • Design Aodan Reddy

In an effort to reach devoted fans and assert their place in the culture economy, brands have a long history of tapping musicians for interesting collaborations to iconic—and often lucrative—results. From throwback hits like Britney Spears, Pink and Enrique Iglesias’ blockbuster commercial for Pepsi to Lil Yachty’s “Cold Like a Sprite Soda” jingle, adding a fresh take on a product for consumers and ensuring the musician is a fan of the brand is key—and if the collaboration comes with a jingle, good luck getting it out of your head.

For this edition of The Pitch, where we turn our cultural insights into creative ideas that are just wild enough to become real, we dreamt up five brand and musician pairings we’d like to see. As always, this is still pending review by our legal team.

Having a job or career they enjoy beat everything else—not just having children, or being married, but also being in a committed relationship.

- Daisy Alioto, CEO of Dirt Media

Drake x Orville Redenbacher

The king of popcorn meets the king of corny lyrics like, “You toying with it like a happy meal”. The cornball Canadian rapper has graced our timelines most recently with the “Drake The Type of Guy” meme, and, of course, heated discourse around his latest surprise album, Honestly, Nevermind. We’d love to see our favorite movie night snack partner with the Toronto native on a limited-edition bag of popcorn. Pop some for your next listening party. Best served hot.

Drake was memed to death during the release of his 2008 album if you're hearing this it's late.