2022 Predictionary

Predictionary Perspectives Header V4
Eli Williams & Clara Malley

At Day One, we move at the speed of culture, observing the change and innovation bubbling to the surface, while dissecting how—and why—it will impact the future. And today, culture is moving faster and stranger than any time before. If 2020 was the collective shock to the system—and 2021 gave way to new, bold and weird territories—we’re finding creative energy and balance in 2022.

We’re asking “what if?” instead of “remember when?” We’re viewing the world with new eyes and embracing the uncertainty and promise of a new year in a changed world where, yes, every day is still Day One.

This is the backdrop in which we wrote the 2022 Predictionary: part-dictionary, part-prediction breaking down a series of words that will define the year ahead. Plus, we’ve also included some of the predictions we got right in our inaugural Predictionary and laid out how they'll evolve this year and beyond.

We hope that our 2022 edition brings fresh perspective (and maybe also a laugh) to your scroll in the year ahead.

Download the full report here.