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Tapping into Sneakerhead Culture

Don C Collaborates with American Express
The Challenge

Authentically Incorporate American Express Into NBA All-Star Weekend

NBA All-Star 2020 presented an opportunity to connect with the league's young fans, who also drive sneakerhead and streetwear culture.

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Don's custom design represented his beloved city of Chicago, home to NBA All-Star Weekend.

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So we create a suite of digital assets customized for the sneakerhead audience that told the story inspiration behind the shoes.


Using a comprehensive media relations approach, we inserted American Express into the All-Star Weekend conversation and grabbed the attention of our target audience.

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    Social media content helped drive initial interest in the collaboration.

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    American Express launch event with key influencers and NBA players helped draw attention to the project.

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    Strong media relations activity drove coverage in relevant publications for the target audience.