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Reaching the Chief Family Officer

How to Create the Perfect Night In
The Challenge

How do you highlight standout benefits in a crowded credit card market?

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American Express needed to launch its refreshed Blue Cash Preferred Card in a way that highlighted its unique benefits - discounts on streaming services, transit and groceries - and reached a unique target that manages a modern family household.

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We partnered with actor Kristen Bell, a self-described homebody, to help us create the Perfect Night In.

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Bell shared her family's favorite pizza recipe and engaged her fans on social media channels to highlight the new benefits.

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The Rollout

Our multi-channel campaign focused on understanding the target audiences stack and reaching them through relevant outlets.

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    Bell hosted a launch event with streaming partner Hulu, also the home of her newly rebooted Veronica Mars show.

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    Bell used her social media channels and personal connection to the new card benefits to reach our key audience.

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    A targeted paid media campaign helped put the content in front of a large, relevant audience.

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    Perfect Night In recipes helped secure coverage in key publications for the target audience.


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