Nice to meet you.

Adam Head Shot

The hardest part of filling out Adam's new hire information was deciding if he required a large or X-large t-shirt. He went with the large and is thinking it's probably going to be too snug. Adam's a writer who loooves pushing clients to tell stories people will care about. He's worked on everything from Matthew Perry's almost-comeback tv show to a branded Twitter handle for a piece of kale.

Adam Capell,

Director, Story

Image from i OS

Adaobi is the West Coast resident meme connoisseur and trend expert. If you’ve seen pickup on a new meme, chances are she already saw it two days before you, which is old news in internet time. She enjoys working with clients to bring to life content and campaigns that are culturally relevant especially with the Gen Z demographic. Most importantly, she loves the part of her job where she has to explain deep cut meme references on a weekly basis.

Adaobi Ugoagu,

Sr. Creative Strategist

D1 A Photo Alex B

A devoted napper and Starbucks enthusiast, Alex is guided by a strong passion for design as a way of creating relationships between ideas and reality. He aims to elevate brand concepts by translating core narratives into a harmonious visual experience. When he’s not behind a laptop screen, you can find Alex at a beer garden in East Village, and listening to the latest Blood Orange album.

Alex Beaufort,

Junior Designer

Alex Briatta Headshot

Alex joins the #mid-west team as a Senior Digital Strategist by day, but obsessed dog mom, nail guru, craft beer aficionado and PowerPoint freak by night. As a lover of storytelling, Alex has dedicated her career to curating innovative social strategies that connect brands to their audiences. Whether you’re looking to launch a killer campaign, link up with your favorite content creators, or connect with a new user through the paid space, AB has you covered!

Alex Briatta,

Senior Digital Strategist

Alexandra Hardwick Day One Agency

A digital native and constant consumer of culture, Alexandra is passionate about translating the trends she sees online and IRL for brands as they seek to create meaningful connections with their audience. On any given day, she can be found enjoying her latest read or getting into serious discussions about hot sauce preferences.

Alexandra Hardwick,

Digital Strategist

Alexandra Lue

Alex is a communications professional with a diverse background in strategizing and storytelling for wine & spirits, restaurants, and travel brands. Whether an inaugural launch or legacy brand, she takes pride in finding creative ways to keep clients in the news and contribute to the bigger picture. On any given day, you can find her binge watching the latest Netflix series, eating her way through the city and creating very detailed itineraries for her next trip.

Alexandra Lue,

Account Director

Allison Lean Day One Agency

With over twenty years of experience in events, Ali has a passion for bringing people together and producing unforgettable, culturally relevant moments that connect. Ali spearheads events for Day One and our community of clients, partners and friends, which enrich our relationships and help to keep us inspired from coast to coast.

Ali Lean,

VP, Culture & Community

Alisha westerman 087

Alisha is a multidisciplinary creative who makes headlines in her sleep. She’s always searching for the perfect words, the best curly hair product, and the tastiest carne asada taco. She conducts compulsive analysis of all billboards and signage in her sightline. She’s obsessed with intercultural literacy, sociolinguistics, somatics, shape, color, sound, texture, and crafting unforgettable stories.

Alisha Westerman,

VP, Story

Allie Feick Day One Agency

Lover of all things caffeinated and properly kerned, Allie strives to design purposeful and creative content every day. Intuitive and detail-oriented, she is an expert at comprehending what makes a brand successful and translating those qualities visually across a variety of mediums. While graphic design is her passion, she also dabbles in colored pencils, cultivating her plant collection, and buying magazines just to look at the type.

Allie Fieck,

Sr. Designer

Alli Friedman Day One Agency

Alli maintains five years of experience in consumer lifestyle, fashion, and hospitality PR working across a variety of brands from tech to food and beverage to travel and everything in between. Strong media relations and driving culture into conversation are at the core of her work, which thrives in a fast-paced environment. #OutsideD1A, Alli is passionate about working out and and eating pizza (because #balance), exploring new cities, and embracing new fashion trends as an extension of her creativity.

Alli Friedman,

Account Manager

IMG 4257

Ally is a digital and social expert who brings a passion for pop culture and compelling story telling to her role at Day One. Ally has spent the last three years building strategic and award-winning P&G brand campaigns and excels in building strong client and partner rapport. #OutsideD1A, Ally can be found obsessively scrolling her FYP on TikTok, reading the latest best-seller, or devouring a plate of spaghetti limone at Lil Frankie’s.

Ally Feinsot,

Sr. Account Executive

Aly Comingore Day One Agency

Aly is a recovering editor turned strategist with a deep love for all things pop culture. In her free time you can find her cooking, reading, or scouring the internet for vintage she can't afford. She takes deep pride in the fact that she recruited D1A West's resident office doggo, Potato.

Aly Comingore,

Associate Director, Digital Strategy

20180820 Kaiser Permanente Aryonia White 0025 RT2

Full-time auntie since 15, Aryonia has cultivated a love for digital strategy and identifying influencer-brand partnerships. She likes to think of all interactions as a business proposal by providing new culturally-relevant insights and public relations. Hufflepuff and Optimist, her innovative passion does not go unnoticed, she is excited to create new digital strategies for consumers.

Aryonia White,

Associate Digital Strategist

Ashley Hurst Headshot2020

Ashley’s powerful combination of agency experience and in-house roles gained over the last 15+ years brings a unique perspective to her client solutions. Her specialty is developing comprehensive marcom strategies with a focus on brand storytelling and digital content marketing, designed to deliver impactful results. She’s most inspired when she’s enjoying life outdoors with her husband and 3 kids, on the patio of a local craft brewery, or planning her family’s next travel adventure.

Ashley Hurst,


Image from i OS 9

Asia is a proud Chicagoan with a strong interest in film and the arts. As a digital native, Asia is passionate about building connections and cultivating creative and impactful ideas with her team. On any given day, you can find her scrolling aimlessly through Tik Tok, laughing at the latest meme or digital trend, or gearing up for a movie marathon.

Asia Clark,

Digital Strategy Coordinator

Blake Cadwell Day One Agency

Blake has spent the last decade working to create breakthrough campaigns for consumer brands from Puma to Southwest Airlines, Chipotle and YouTube. Blake is happiest when he’s running with his dogs, cycling through California or scrolling through TikTok.

Blake Cadwell,


Brad Laney Day One Agency

Brad provides sought-after strategic senior counsel to the agency’s clients and oversees agency operations, finance and HR. Prior to founding Day One, Brad spent 11 years at M Booth, where he co-founded the Travel & Lifestyle practice, and established and led the agency’s Consumer Technology practice. A dad, runner and avid traveler, Brad brings Seattle vibes and New York hustle (plus a cold brew or Macallan depending on the situation) to Day One each and every day.

Brad Laney,

Co-Founder and President

Braelyn Diamond

Braelyn is a passionate writer, storyteller, podcast listener, and trashy reality TV watcher from the South. Although a lover of all things fashion, she lives in oversized sweats and has one too many of the same sweatshirt. On any given day, you can find Braelyn scrolling way too long on IG, laughing at trending memes, or reading skincare reviews.

Braelyn Diamond,

Creative Strategy Coordinator

Brenna Nicosia Day One Agency

Brenna likes to think of herself as the human sponge, always trying to absorb new information and ways of learning from colleagues, clients, and consumers. She finds passion in recognizing the latest cultural trends and identifying individuals to collaborate with to authentically tell a brand story. Aspiring to be like Anthony Bourdain, her love of food (especially spicy), travel and storytelling is always present in everything she touches.

Brenna Nicosia,

Digital Strategist

Brian Tsao Day One Agency

Brian is passionate about working with our brand partners to tell impactful stories that break through in today’s busy landscape. Whether it’s standing out at the Super Bowl or educating consumers about a product or driving campaign buzz, Brian loves a challenge. When not enforcing #InboxZero, you can find him cheering mediocre sports teams, finding a new culinary hotspot or planning his next trip.

Brian Tsao,


Brittany Walsh Day One Agency

Brittany is a communications professional who is passionate about media relations. She takes pride in working with a team to create impactful brand stories that earn a place in the news. Brittany is obsessed with learning (and re-learning) the changing media landscape and finding new ways for brands to connect with their audience. #OutsideD1A you can find her with her Goldendoodle, Rue.

Brittany Walsh,

VP, Communications

Caitlyn Janusz Headshot

Coming from an Italian family, Caitlyn has always found it quite easy to communicate & connect with others. Her passion for people has led her to a career in HR & her goal is to make work feel less like an obligation and more like a place you are excited to show up to. When she isn’t in the office, you can find her in the kitchen cooking some pasta or baking a ridiculous cake she found on Pinterest.

Caitlyn Janusz,

Human Resources Coordinator

Caleb D1 A

Caleb is a digital creative, sad boy, hopeless romantic, and a not-so-native New Yorker. He enjoys telling compelling stories, whether through music, creative writing, photography, film, or animation. When Caleb isn’t on a spontaneous adventure with friends, you can find him in his room watching k-dramas, listening to Drake, or scrolling through TikTok.

Caleb Brent,

Creative Coordinator


Once hopeful Judy Smith wannabe, Calli fell in love with PR after discovering the impact of consumer perception. Bringing her Southern flair to NYC, she loves keeping her finger on the pulse of culture to brainstorm how she can transform her findings into fun and dynamic campaigns. When she isn’t scrolling on Twitter, you can find her just hanging (pun intended) in her favorite aerial silks class.

Calli Kinsler,

Account Coordinator

Caroline Hershey Day One Agency

Caroline is a comms connoisseur with a passion for media relations and helping brands stay relevant while keeping up with the evolving media landscape. She thrives at writing creative pitches that break into unexpected outlets, bringing fresh thinking to a brainstorm, and forming long lasting relationships with journalists. #OutsideD1A, she loves discovering the best Asian restaurants in the city, scrapbooking her travels, writing jokes, and drinking matcha.

Caroline Hershey,

Account Manager

Cary Neer

Cary Neer has spent the majority of her 17-year career developing press and digital marketing strategies for major beauty brands.

On any given day you can find Cary refining her green thumb, distracted on a yoga mat, procrastinating, or waiting for her favorite time of day...sunset.

Cary graduated from Denison University with a degree in Communication and Psychology.

Cary Neer,

Senior Vice President

Celina Pereira Day One Agency

Celina is an art director and designer based in LA who likes the arts, listening to Brazilian music, and planning her retirement as a chair museum entrepreneur.

Celina Pereira,

Associate Creative Director

Cheyenne Desrosiers Day One Agency

Born and raised in SoFlo, Cheyenne is a digital native and proud Gen Zer. A graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill, she is passionate about using her communication skills to cultivate authentic relationships between diverse groups of people. In her free time, you can find Cheyenne cooking up new recipes, scouring social media for rising trends, and creating room decor with her (amateur) painting skills.

Cheyenne Desrosiers,

Digital Strategist

Chrissy Goncalves Day One Agency

Chrissy is a strategic storyteller and visionary who has a passion for integrating brands into the daily lives of consumers. #OutsideD1A, you can find Chrissy attempting to become viral on TikTok, whipping up new recipes and trying the latest workout fads. Chrissy graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in Public Relations from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications in 2019.

Chrissy Goncalves,

Account Executive

Xtina Headshots 2537 1

Cheese connoisseur, yoga instructor, recruiter and new mom. Christina thrives on meeting new people from all walks of life and hearing the interesting stories of their personal journey. Hit me up to talk about yoga, your favorite podcast or your next career opportunity!

Christina Flynn,

Director, Recruiting

Christina Lombardi 7 21

Christina has been a communicator and a connector in every aspect of her life for as long as she can remember. She has a love for media relations and finding new and innovative angles and approaches to her craft. She has worked on and led communications for major legacy brands in the corporate, entertainment, publishing and lifestyle spaces. The Rhode Island native graduated from Quinnipiac University with her Bachelor’s and NYU with her Master’s, both in Public Relations and Corporate Communications.

Christina Lombardi,

Director, Media Relations

Christina Weiss Headshot 2

Wellness obsessed, pilates lover, but still loves a good cheeseburger. Christina brings her laid-back personality to the lively streets of NYC. She has fallen in love with the fast-paced collaborative environment of agency life, where keeping up with all the Real Housewives franchises and scrolling mindlessly on TikTok for 3 hours can actually lend itself to a brilliant brand storytelling moment.

Christina Weiss,

Account Executive

IMG 5082

Clara is a writer and editorial strategist, guided always by precision, empathy, and community. She loves scouring the internet for vintage magazines and rearranging the magnet Scrabble tiles on her fridge.

Clara Malley,

Associate Editorial Strategist

Connor Howlett Headshot Vertical

Connor lives and breathes digital culture, constantly consuming his various media streams. He takes pride in providing thoughtful, nuanced approaches to digital storytelling, helping brands get in front of all the right faces. While you probably shouldn't ask about his screen time, Connor loves talking David Fincher movies, drag queens, and deep Internet subcultures.

Connor Howlett,

Digital Strategist

Dan Lustig Day One Agency

Dan is a hopeless Seahawks Fan, very into fonts, a sucker for comraderie, and on a quest to establish himself as a very mediocre cook.

Dan Lustig,

Group Creative Director

Dana Burkett Day One Agency

An avid vintage collector and mother to over 75 plants, Dana thrives as a multitasker and team player; she enjoys working with all types of people and knows what it takes to get things done. Optimistic and hard-working, she is passionate about diversity and inclusion, and bringing about good vibes and positivity to any situation as best she can.

Dana Burkett,

Office Manager

Danielle Lee

A Kermit-meme addict and pop-culture devourer, Danielle is a team player who loves finding creative ways to bring projects to life. Connecting brands with consumers through creative strategy excites her and she's always on the lookout for perspectives challenging the norm. Her appetite to learn is supplemented with her human-centered design thinking, giving her a people-first mindset when it comes to her work. Outside of Day One, you can find Danielle trying new restaurants, pointing out every single dog passing by her, or talking in TikTok and Vine.

Danielle Lee,

Digital Strategy Coordinator

Darren Mc Pherson Day One Agency

Darren is a multidisciplinary Creative Director with a strong passion for collaboration and creativity across all mediums. At Day One, Darren leads the studio team from concept through execution, and is constantly looking to push the envelope on all things creative, while driving results for our clients.

Darren McPherson,

VP, Creative

Dena Skeadas Headshot 2020 2

Avid Tzatziki taste-tester and daily runner, Dena has been in the industry for 6+ years and has a true passion for media relations. She loves securing amazing feature stories and raising brand awareness for her clients. Responsible and hard working, she loves thinking outside the box and partnering her accounts with like-minded businesses in the travel, lifestyle and food spaces.

Dena Skeadas,

Account Manager

Devin Feldman Day One Agency

Devin’s a digital creative and writer who still can’t put his job into words—but perhaps a meme? He enjoys ugly shirts, pretty books, popping wheelies, and when you present something just so ridiculous to a client and they’re like, “omg wow, love this.”

Devin Feldman,

Sr. Creative Strategist

Eli Williams Day One Agency

In no particular order, Eli is a Digital Strategy Coordinator, native New Yorker, Gen Z panelist, and Day One’s arbiter of all things trending. Coming from a multidisciplinary background, Eli has his finger on the pulse of everything from politics to pop culture. With a diet consisting primarily of coffee and the internet, Eli spends his days devouring the news cycle and scouring his feed on Reddit and Twitter.

Eli Williams,

Creative Strategist

Eliza Florendo Day One Agency

Eliza is an Associate Director on the Story team, where she focuses on crafting strong, resonant narratives (she has a background in editorial after all). She loves reading non-fiction, catching up on the latest reality TV, and scrolling through the depths of Twitter. Look to her if you need clean copy, the latest Guy Fieri news, a collaborative brainstorm (and subsequent execution), or Szechuan recommendations.

Eliza Florendo,

Director, Story

IMG 8653 1

Born and raised in NY, Esther is a proud east coast native. She graduated from Boston University, and loves to think strategy and apply it to only the most important topics: Love Island, Twitter discourse, and tricking the Instagram algorithm. She is a real people person, and loves to collaborate in team projects. This passion translates well to her work: tailoring pr strategy to touch the hearts of consumers is her everyday goal.

Esther Clayton,

Account Coordinator

Ethan Newmyer Day One Agency

Ethan is a filmmaker and photographer from Chula Vista, CA, who is interested in channeling his emotions, thoughts and feelings through the visual arts.

Ethan Newmyer,


Fiona Ye D1 A Headshot

Fiona is a designer and illustrator from Brooklyn, NY who finds everyday objects and the mundane to be beautiful and significant. She wants to share these emotions through storytelling with art. On any given day, you can find Fiona walking through Prospect Park, eating delicious meals, and sharing astrology facts. Always with a sketchbook in hand.

Fiona Ye,



A self-proclaimed culture geek, Frederick aspires to always create retweet-worthy work that organically reaches smartphones all around the world. On any given day, you can find him live-tweeting his favorite TV shows, or just dozing off with his dog Dylan.

Frederick Ramirez,

Associate Director, Story

Gillian Kushner Day One Agency

Gillian is a curious marketer and PR pro with 13+ years of experience helping her clients earn attention in culture. She considers it an honor to have worked with some of the world’s most recognizable food, beer, spirits and tech brands. When she’s not architecting a consumer campaign she can be found performing improv comedy, enjoying epic hikes, practicing yoga, camping or scuba diving.

Gillian Kushner,

Group SVP

Grant Wenzlau Day One Agency

Grant is a Jeep-driving, fried-chicken-eating, jazz-listening, pie-making, Negroni-drinking, pun-making strategist based in Los Angeles.

Grant Wenzlau,

SVP, Story

Heather Feit Day One Agency

Heather is a brand and media enthusiast with a strong love for storytelling and connecting brands with culture. Relationships are at the core for her; she has spent her career building a trusted circle and continues to cultivate new relationships each day. Goal oriented and result driven, Heather has a love for developing integrated communication campaigns and a passion to build compelling brand stories. In her free time, she enjoys time Upstate NY with her husband and dog.

Heather Feit,


Irene Krahling Day One Agency

Irene is an Associate Director of Story, which is code for creative strategist who likes problem-solving and idea-making, from pitch to execution. She has a varied background in video production, writing, and internet-ing for brands, which gives her a unique perspective. So invite her to your next brainstorm! Or just hit her up to geek out about Rick and Morty, Twin Peaks, or Waiting For Guffman.

Irene Krahling,

Director, Story

Izzy Persico Day One Agency

Izzy is a creative storyteller with a passion for brand marketing and a proactive mindset to identify client opportunities. She thrives in a fast paced environment where strategic thinking, relationship building, and effective communication are key benchmarks for success. With deep experience in travel communications, Izzy is always staying close to the latest trends to inspire her next journey.

Izzy Persico,

Sr. Account Executive

Jamie Falkowski Day One Agency

Jamie oversees the three centers of excellence—Shape, Share and Fuel—at Day One, developing stories that connect with culture across the agency. Before joining Day One, Jamie led marketing, strategy and campaign development for a range of clients including Nike, Gap, COS, Pepsi, and more at Alldayeveryday. Jamie began his career in magazines, working across marketing, production and editorial functions at Surface and Time Out New York.

Jamie Falkowski,

Managing Director

IMG 0749

A lover of all things spicy, Jamin believes his taste in content is just as good as his taste in food; In his role as Digital Strategy Coordinator, he hopes to expand his palette exploring all the flavors story-telling can offer. As you can probably guess, #OutsideD1A, Jamin is scouring NYC for the best places to satisfy his food cravings.

Jamin Chowdhury,

Digital Strategy Coordinator

Jasmine Nadim Headshot

Jasmine’s teachers always reported that she was a “joy to have in class” but should work on “talking during quiet hours.” To the surprise of no one, Jasmine ended up loving twitter and starting a career in advertising. She loves doing anything creative and has the hot glue scars to prove it. She will come on your podcast to discuss YouTube Drama, the KarJenner Dynasty or Oscar predictions.

Jasmine Nadim,

Creative Strategist

Jess Lin

Jessica Lin is a Trilingual Taiwanese Designer, Book Maker, Gift Wrapper, Visual Activist, and Experiential Illustrator. She specializes in Typography, Editorial Design, Branding, Package Design, Experiential Design, Visual Art Direction and Design Entrepreneur Consultancy. She is a true believer that all voices should be heard equally, and all stories are worth telling.

Jessica Lin,

Art Director

Jena Salvatore Day One Agency

Jena, a native of Coastal California, made her way to the East Coast for college and to pursue her career. She’s passionate about design and is excited to bring her creative energy and skills to D1A. She is focused on the details and appreciates nice typography. Outside office hours she can be found sipping tea and seeking out tasty tacos and other foodie pursuits.

Jena Salvatore,

Jr. Designer

Jen Keegan Day One Agency

A SoCal girl, Jen moved to NYC in 2011, eventually settling in Jersey City with her husband and son. Once an avid traveler, she now spends most of her time thinking about her next trip—and her next meal. Jen thrives in problem solving and communication. She’s nurtured those skills to tackle challenges throughout her 15-year career in HR. Her passion is people, building culture-rich programs, and establishing a workplace where employees are empowered to do their best.

Jennifer Keegan,

VP, Human Resources

Jenny C Horizontal Photo

Jenny is a social media addict and ice cream snob who is passionate about helping brands grow, connect and impact. Human-centered design thinking is at the core of her work. A native of Taiwan, she is driven to create more diverse, inclusive campaigns. Not only does she have a large appetite for learning, but she also strives for disruptive ideas to challenge the norms. She is currently on a lifelong mission to pet every dog she sees and eats anything she wants.

Jenny Chang,

Sr. Digital Strategist

Jonathan Hurwitz

As an in-the-closet kid in suburbia, Jonathan spent most of his childhood watching the Disney Channel in his bedroom. It was a dream fulfilled to grow up and write for “Andi Mack,” Disney Channel’s first show with an openly gay character. Jonathan is devoted to continuing to tell authentic stories through brand and entertainment writing. He is a proud member of the LGBTQ+ and Beyhive communities.

Jonathan Hurwitz,

Sr. Creative Strategist

Josh Rosenberg Day One Agency

Fresh thinking and innovation in the digital age: It’s what Josh infuses into every facet of Day One’s business as CEO and co-founder. Josh is a communications strategist and digital media authority with extensive experience shaping marketing communications programs for some of the world’s leading brands. He has a unique ability to translate a brand’s story across multiple platforms, sparking consumer engagement and business results. At Day One, Josh relentlessly pursues new ways for brands to connect to audiences in an ever-evolving media landscape.

Josh Rosenberg,

Co-Founder and CEO

Justin Adelman Day One Agency

Aspiring sock influencer and dance enthusiast, Justin has fostered a love for Client relationships, team camaraderie and project execution. He likes to think of himself as a modern day Mary Poppins—always there to save the day. Enthusiastic and determined, his passion is to build brands through innovative thinking, collaboration and by living culture inside and out; bringing contextually relevant stories to consumers.

Justin Adelman,

Director, Digital Strategy

Kelsey De Marco

The pursuit of understanding how the disparate pieces of the puzzle come together to make impactful work—that’s the driving force behind her career. And that’s precisely why Kelsey has journeyed from production to operations, account management to strategy...and why her superpower is making complicated things clear. Joys include: a new journal, using her passport, painting & oat milk lattes.

Kelsey DeMarco,

Associate Director, Digital Strategy

Keri Fitzpatrick Day One Agency

Keri is a strategic communications professional who has worked with a variety of business, tech and lifestyle brands. She has a passion for media relations, understanding the evolving news landscape and building relationships with the media. #OutsideD1A Keri can be found exploring Spotify or visiting the beach with her pup Charlie. She graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in Public Relations from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications.

Keri Fitzpatrick,

Account Manager

Keshvar Alikhani Day One Agency

Keshvar procrastinated writing this bio, panicked, pondered her life choices, watched an episode of Criminal Minds, stared at the blank page, cleaned the kitchen, and wrote this 12 seconds before it was due. She is (clearly) a professional writer. Before that, she was a TV casting producer and now spends her time thinking up internet marketing stunts, writing (sorta), and scrolling TikTok.

Keshvar Alikhani,

Sr. Director, Story


New Yorker turned recent Angeleno, Kevin thrives in the intersection of creative vision, technology, business, and culture. He has a passion for empowering teams and creating amazing content and experiences that build positive and lasting connections. He’s also happily found surfing LA’s west side, trail running LA’s east side, or drinking coffee pretty much anywhere.

Kevin Ginty,

Sr. Director, Production & Business Operations

Kevin Headshot 01

A former dancer turned Creative Director, Kevin has a passion for making cool work with cool people. He lives at the intersection of art, new technology and culture and does his best thinking while shooting some hoops. Always finding the funny moment in any interaction, he aims to bring some levity to his work, giving our clients an authentic voice in a saturated social media space.

Kevin Iverson,

Associate Creative Director

Photo Apr 14 6 41 45 PM

Self-care queen and natural hair enthusiast, Kori is always searching for the best creators to partner with based on their niche and content creation abilities alongside nuanced brand asks. When she's not traveling the world or binge re-watching Criminal Minds, you will find her creating and executing influencer campaigns with patience, charisma and a smile.

Kori Bennett,

Digital Strategist

Kristin Compitello Day One Agency

Kristin is a PRofessional fangirl who brings a true passion for communications and the media industry to her role at Day One. Throughout her experience within the worlds of lifestyle, entertainment, travel, fashion, food and beverage, she has worked on many projects showcasing her creativity, relationship building, excitement and willingness to learn. #OutsideD1A, you can find Kristin sipping on an iced cold beer while scrolling through food pics on Instagram, reminiscing about her days at Penn State, binge-watching The Office for the 100th time or searching for new music on Spotify.

Kristin Compitello,

Account Manager

Laura Barganier Day One Agency

Laura, one of the first Day-oners and a native Texan, has a diverse background in corporate, executive, technology and consumer communications. From startups to Fortune 100 companies, she develops strategic comms plans that build strong brands and achieve business objectives. She’s obsessed with finding the best way to tell a brand’s story via earned media. And Twitter, podcasts, Bravo and nachos.

Laura Barganier,

Senior Vice President

IMG 4044 2

An experienced communications strategist, Lauren is passionate about translating pop culture and trends into meaningful, authentic brand campaigns. She is a news junkie, cultural consumer and dot-connector. Excited by creative solutions and cause-driven storytelling, she looks to create moments that connect on a deeper level and have a positive impact.

Lauren Furcinito,

Sr. Account Executive

Lauren Sachs Gordon Day One Agency

Lauren is a communications professional with over a decade of experience across the consumer, business, tech and entertainment sectors. She is fascinated with what makes consumers tick, energized by integrated brand storytelling and passionate about relationship building, from her clients to her team to agency partners and media. Lauren spends a bit more time #OutsideD1A than some, as she and her husband recently relocated home to Florida, where you can often find them on the beach, usually with their goldendoodle, Brady, in tow.

Lauren Gordon,


Lauren hunziker sq copy

Equal parts creative designer and sentient filing cabinet, Lauren most assuredly knows where that asset you’re looking for is. According to one teammate she is “a person of great taste with a heavy brain that contains mega-gigabytes of archival facts. She is also chill." Graphic design is her passion. Writing is not.

Lauren Hunziker,

Sr. Designer

D1 A 13

A visual artist and self proclaimed jack of all trades, Levi can walk the walk as much as he can talk the talk. He is a team worker at his core, passionate about bridging the gap between creativity and storytelling. He knows it takes a village - and thrives on the creative exchange. Levi joins Day One with an extensive background as a photographer and director in the world of apparel, fashion and the arts, and is excited to learn new things while bringing in his colorful perspective. Hailing from the tropics of Panama, you’ll hear him complain about the cold at least 6 months a year - and he swears by his morning americano, because drip coffee could never.

Levi Walton,

Sr. Creative

Lily Huber D1 A

With over 10 years of experience, Lily joins the Day One team with a passion and curiosity for all things digital talent and mixed media. Highlighting new and diverse voices across verticals is what drew her into the industry and she continues to move the needle for clients on large and small scale activations alike. On any given day you can find her flying drones, playing at the park with her dog Cosmo, or attempting to cook the latest TikTok food trend.

Lily Huber,

Sr. Director, Culture, Community & Casting

Lindsey Woerther Pic

Pop-culture junkie Lindsey brings an expertise of creating buzz-worthy partnerships to develop engaging campaigns to breakthrough in today’s cluttered media landscape. A planner by nature, she’s constantly curious and stays on top of the latest trends and tech, helping to push creative development. Passionate about helping clients and cultivating strong teams, Lindsey believes listening is a secret weapon. She loves a challenge- all with a bit of sass and a smile.

Lindsey Woerther,

Vice President

IMG 1344

A skincare junkie and pop culture fanatic, Livia is a creative whose philosophy is centered around the idea of “play.” She is fascinated by the role of social media in the 21st century: how it impacts the way we consume culture, influences our perception of ourselves, and the power it has as digital currency. Livia is yet another millennial who loves avocado toast and is trying (unsuccessfully) to limit her time on TikTok.

Livia Soong,

Associate Creative Director

0 2

Maddie has a passion for digital storytelling, a curiosity for the evolving media landscape, and an interest in helping brands tell their narrative. While studying PR at Boston University, she had the opportunity to work in the non-profit, government, and entertainment sectors. #OutsideD1A, you can find Maddie watching YouTube, catching up on her favorite influencers for the latest trends, drinking iced coffee, or listening to Broadway musicals.

Maddie Cohen,

Account Coordinator

Marissa Levine Day One Agency

Marissa thrives off of communications and the media industry by staying up to date with the evolving trends through social media and her favorite news outlets, like AdWeek and AdAge. She has a passion for media relations and fostering brand stories, which she adapted during her time at D1A as a summer Public Relations Intern and working remotely through college. She recently graduated from the S.I. Newhouse Public Communications School at Syracuse University in 2020. #OutsideD1A, you can find Marissa at Orange Theory or in the kitchen baking a low-carb dessert.

Marissa Levine,

Assistant Account Executive

Maryanne Milano Day One Agency

Maryanne is a consumer communications expert with a knack for developing integrated campaigns that connect brands to culture. Born and raised in Manhattan, she is living proof that not all New Yorkers have a Brooklyn accent. #OutsideD1A you’ll find her eating her way around the city, planning her next adventure and bragging about her dog, Luca.

Maryanne Milano,

Sr. Account Director

Megan Brown Day One Agency

With a passion for finding and sharing stories that bring our world closer together, Megan has over a decade of experience crafting social media strategy that fosters genuine connections. On any given day, Megan can be found walking her pup Alexa in Central Park, checking off ballparks on her quest to visit all MLB & international stadiums, tweeting or planning her next travel adventure.

Megan Brown,

Sr. Director, Digital Strategy

Megan Marquez Headshot

Future cookbook author Megan is an experienced digital and social strategist who enjoys learning and understanding consumer behavior. Observant and intuitive, she has developed a knack for anticipating client needs and feedback throughout her agency career. To balance a 9-5 life focused on digital solutions, she only takes notes on paper with a quality pen (ideally 0.5 mm).

Megan Marquez,

Sr. Director, Digital Strategy

Melissa Zapata Day One Headshot

Melissa is a PR professional with experience across an array of consumer brands. A West Coast girl since day one, she brings her love for news, pop culture and trends into her work. With a passion for research (seriously, her friends call her the FBI), she’s dedicated to finding the most relevant opportunities to drive meaningful connections. #OutsideD1A you can find Melissa walking her corgi, binge watching reality TV or drinking coffee (iced only)

Melissa Zapata,

Sr. Account Executive

Mike Guzzo Day One Agency

Mike joined D1A as an Account Coordinator in June of 2019. He graduated from Manhattan College in 2018 with a Bachelor’s in Communications. He enjoys learning more and more about the media landscape each day. Prior to D1A, Mike gained experience while interning at sports and lifestyle PR agencies. #OutsideD1A you can find him watching a Mets game or plotting which brewery to visit next.

Mike Guzzo,

Account Executive

Molly Harris Day One Agency

Molly is a writer and creative obsessed with internet culture. She’s an Austin, Texas native that likes to spend her free time attending concerts, taking day trips with friends, talking to her dog, and shopping for clothes she has no business wearing.

Molly Harris,

Associate Creative Strategist

M Perez portrait 1

Molly is a Los Angeles-based bagel connoisseur with an earnest enthusiasm for finding the best Lox+Everything order in any city she visits. She has a deep love for Nora Ephron, 2011-era Drake, and the Oxford comma. She’s been known to tear up a dance floor.

Molly Perez,

Sr. Director, Development & Production

Zidek Headshot 2

A fan of mornings and Mondays, Paige joins the Day One team as an Associate Director, Digital Strategy based in Chicago. With nearly 7 years of experience in the social media space, Paige thrives when collaborating with clients and her teams to develop big ideas and turn them into actionable executions that reach customers that matter, in the social channels where they actually spend time. Offline, Paige is a houseplant mom, powerlifter/CrossFitter, avid animal shelter volunteer, traveler and coffee connoisseur.

Paige Zidek,

Associate Director, Digital Strategy

Phuong Portrait by Cody Guilfoyle lowres 2

In Vietnam, where Phuong grew up, you must confidently walk into crazy traffic to get to the other side. This attitude is how she operates in work and life: jumping into chaos head-first and creating a strategy through it. She is passionate about finding narrative between culture and brand, creating original yet meaningful identities and experiences. She thrives on realism with a dash of magic.

Phuong Nguyen,

Creative Director


Her name means Delightful; However, Ranjana has recently become synonymous with being a strategic wordsmith with an eye for beauty. Her combined interests in strategy and creativity have allowed her to grow a unique passion for helping brands build and tell their stories. Ranjana is a woman of color hungry for knowledge, creating buzz-worthy work, and fried chicken sandwiches.

Ranjana Naik,

Creative Strategist

Rob Longert Day One Agency

For Rob, it’s all about bringing to life Day One’s thoughtful touch and approach to creativity, client/partner relationships and team building, each and every day. On any given day, you’ll find Rob shooting hoops with his son, being a sous chef as his wife whips up a gourmet meal or devouring the New York Times, from cover to cover. Fun fact: he’s a hall of famer at his alma mater, SUNY Albany.

Rob Longert,

Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Sabrina Johnson Day One Agency

Sabrina is a designer. Some people call her Sab—so she calls herself Sab, which also means spicy in Thai. Sab is Thai and also has a chili pepper tattooed on her.

Sabrina Johnson,

Art Director

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Sally’s a digital strategist, native New Yorker, and obsessor of all things noodle related. With her multidisciplinary background, Sally brings a love for strategic thinking and consumer behavior to every project that comes her way. On any day, you can find her planning her next cooking conquest, losing as Kirby in Smash Bros, and trying (badly) to imitate her favorite artists on Spotify.

Sally Cai,

Digital Strategy Coordinator

Samantha Arietta Day One Agency

Always looking for opportunities to make an impact, Sam is a results-driven public relations and brand marketing professional. Sam touches upon all aspects of communications, from owning media relations, to managing global campaigns with talent, to executing experiential events. #OutsideD1A, Sam is passionate about fitness, traveling to music & arts festivals around the world, and playing with her German Shepherd pup, Summer.

Sam Arietta,

Account Executive

Samantha Stump Day One Agency

Sam is a driven communications professional with experience executing campaigns for travel, lifestyle, finance & tech clients. With a finger on the pulse of industry news, Sam looks for ways to help drive buzz. Sam is a Providence College alumna (Go Friars!). On any given day, she’s drinking iced coffee (no matter the temp), creating a Google doc itinerary for her next vacation or sailing the sea.

Samantha Stump,

Sr. Account Director

Sarah Tanner Day One Agency

Sarah is a global communicator with a passion for purpose driven work. From speech writing and thought leadership to traditional media relations, she’s represented an array of companies both in house and agency side—including world renown non-profits, tech conglomerates and luxury fashion brands, helping each to tell their story. A North Carolina native, she graduated from UNC, Chapel Hill with a major in Journalism.

Sarah Tanner,

VP, Media Relations

Selina Wilson

Nature enthusiast, home baker, and recruiter, Selina has a passion for people and art. While only recently starting her career in HR, Selina has over 10 years of experience in a people facing role. She truly enjoys the challenge of navigating differing viewpoints and creating an inclusive environment through collaboration and innovation. Selina’s love of the arts is exhibited through her drawings, paintings, and photography.

Selina Wilson,

Recruiting Coordinator

IMG 5210

Self-proclaimed smoothie connoisseur and professional conversationalist, Shannan has an affinity for building relationships, connecting the dots of the culture, and producing moments online. She reigns from the *real* Jersey Shore. A politician's kid who fell in love with media, she likes to think of herself as the scandal-free Olivia Pope, making sure the digital show goes on, one tweet at a time. She's energetic, creative, and intuitive. A trained producer, Shannan has that innate ability to see a photo and immediately see a story. She can spot a copy adjustment or a photobomb from a mile away. You can always rely on her to find that little thing that's missing. Her passion lies in building brands and creating communities that lust after content.

Shannan McMillan,

Director - Culture, Community & Casting

Sophie Krieger Day One Agency

Sophie is an experienced and hard-working communications professional with a passion for brand storytelling. Since beginning her career as a Day One intern, Sophie continues to strategically drive results for her clients through integrated communication campaigns across executive thought leadership, media relations, experiential events and more. #OutsideD1A you can find her planning her next getaway, entertaining friends with an elaborate cheese plate or curled up reading the latest best-seller.

Sophie Krieger,

Sr. Account Executive

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A passionate pop-culture enthusiast with a love of creating and telling stories. Forever an island girl, Stephanie has embraced east and west coast city living, all of which have given her a unique take on how to produce fresh and innovative content for everyone. She is always looking to stay on top of trends, new platforms (her knowledge of TikTok is scary), and talent to ensure her work is culturally relevant and speaks to the audience.

Stephanie Hernandez,

Associate Director, Digital Strategy

Steven Arellanes

Espresso addict by day and self-proclaimed sommelier by night, Steven finds himself immersed in all of the latest trends. His passion for digital media stems from his interests in fashion, music, art, and meme culture. Along with being a native social user, his eagerness to learn and creativity allows him to develop culturally driven digital campaigns.

Steven Arellanes,

Digital Strategist

Tatum Turner Day One Agency

Tatum is a Brooklyn native who graduated from FIT with a B.S. in International Trade & Marketing and brings over eight years of operations experience to Day One. Prior to joining Day One, Tatum worked as Director of Operations & Events at UMR and over five years with Dotdash as Associate Director of Operations for offices in New York, San Francisco and Chicago. Tatum considers LA her second home; when she is not working in Operations she enjoys the arts and traveling.

Tatum Turner,

Director, Operations

Taylor Lott Day One Agency

Taylor is a strategist who thrives on identifying innovative ways to showcase the human experience. She's also a San Diego native who still roots for the Chargers no matter how painful it may be. On any given day you can find her downing an iced coffee, binge watching Last Chance U and creating spreadsheets for fun.

Taylor Lott,

Sr. Digital Strategist

Tegan Reyes Day One Agency

Tegan is an experienced communications strategist who’s worked with a variety of entertainment, tech, lifestyle and social good clients to develop integrated PR and social campaigns that ignite global conversation and garner coverage in top media outlets. #OutsideD1A, Tegan enjoys binge-watching period dramas, listening to true crime podcasts, and reading YA. Originally from the Midwest, Tegan graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in journalism.

Tegan Reyes,

Account Manager

Terence Edgerson

New York City nightlife influencer originally from Michigan, Terence has a love for searching for new talent, team building and fresh thinking ideas. Joyful and curious, his motivation is to educate brands on the power and influence of diverse and micro influencers.

Terence Edgerson,

Culture, Community & Casting Coordinator

Terence Hannigan Day One Agency

Terence graduated from Providence College in 2019, where he developed a passion for writing while studying English. During summer internships he gained research & communication skills, preparing him for a healthy dive into the world of PR, which landed him in the Manhattan office of Day One. #OutsideD1A Terence is a spirited sports fan, golfer, reader, & listener of soft rock from the 70s.

Terence Hannigan,

Assistant Account Executive

Valerie Gunn Day One Agency

Midwestern born and raised, Valerie (Val) joins Day One with 10+ years of story-led digital marketing experience. She finds joy in creating connections—with people and via brand marketing. Val has a people-first mindset in relationships and creative outputs. In her day-to-day she's tending to her plants, reading or consuming too many memes. Most of all, she believes in the power of a great story.

Valerie Gunn,

Sr. Director, Digital Strategy

Victoria Gates Fleming Day One Agency

Victoria has spent ten years working as a brand and social strategist in London and LA. She gets excited by ideas, teamwork, creativity, dogs, travel, making playlists and chasing taco trucks. She once had a restaurant blog but kept eating the food before she took the photos.

Victoria Gates-Fleming,

VP, Digital Strategy & Creative Insights

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Originating from Honolulu, Hawai’i, Vivian is an island girl at heart. On the clock, she’s an Associate Creative Strategist on a pursuit to create powerful & creative narratives that resonate and make an impact. Off the clock, you can find her starting (or finishing) a puzzle, customizing her cars pink in GTA, or people-watching on her fire-escape with an iced dirty chai in hand.

Vivian Tam,

Associate Creative Strategist

Day One Bio Pic 3 21

Vanessa’s a proud Queens native, that often wonders whether she’s just a misplaced amazon sent to Queens from the island of Themyscira to bond with her talent posse and enlighten the world on all things talent driven. A proud and outspoken geek, Vanessa won’t shy away from her gift of gab, and will often leverage it, to build and grow relationships.

Vanessa Orozco,

Director, Human Resources

Vinny Cavelli Day One Agency

Vinny joins Day One as an Accounting Manager. Prior to Day One Vinny worked as a Staff Accountant at R&E Management. He began his career in accounting at Prager Metis CPA’s LLC. All in, Vinny has nearly six years of experience throughout tax and financial accounting. Vinny graduated from William Paterson University in 2015 with his BS in Mathematics and a minor in Accounting.

Vinny Cavelli,

Accounting Manager

William Rauscher FINAL 2

A New Yorker by choice but a Texas boy at heart, William has spent over a decade applying the art of story to brand world-building: leading award-winning creative, developing verbal identities for global players and startups, and transforming brands to lead their best digital lives. He believes empathy is the key to innovation, and loves inspiring teams to rethink, remix, and re-imagine.

William Rauscher,

VP, Story

Yasmin Daguilh Day One Agency

Known as “the girl with the hair” since age seven, Yasmin brings the same multifacetedness of her curls to her role as the Director of Events. Working across multiple teams, she creates experiential moments that help bring brand stories to life. When she’s not collaborating, you can find her snuggling her Sphynx cat, whipping up plant-based treats, slamming dominoes, and perfecting a 2000s jam for karaoke.

Yasmin Daguilh,

Director - Experience, Culture & Community

Zeny Shifferaw Day One Agency

Zeny's love for cultivating relationships and sharing untold stories led to her career curating connections between rising talent and global brands. A CA-native who’s resides in Harlem, Zeny is passionate about debunking the pipeline myth (google it), has perfected the "working from flight" life, believes Cinnabon is underrated and will justify any cost for the perfectly brewed artisan coffee.

Zeny Shifferaw,

VP - Culture, Community & Casting