Black Lives Matter

Over the last week, we’ve mourned with our communities and been horrified by the injustices that have taken place across the country. We have the responsibility to do more: to represent our values by empowering, supporting, investing, and fighting for our Black and POC employees, clients and partners because Black Lives Matter. We must stand to not only be against racism, but be actively anti-racist each and every day.

Many of our collaborators, coworkers, friends of the agency and those featured in The One to Know have compiled resources to support and amplify our Black communities and take action to be anti-racist. We know this list in non-exhaustive and grows every day, but here is a place to start.

  • Sicily Sewell @sicilysierra has been consistently posting a variety of resources, including this video by @actdottv on systemic racism.
  • Jessica Nabongo @thecatchmeifyoucan has been sharing Black-owned businesses to support right now and has a highlight on her page called Buy Black.
  • Alicia Mara @aliciammara posted a list of books to read to combat racism and educate ourselves on the history of America’s systemic racism.
  • Leo Chan @levitatestyle reposted a message from Sabir Peele, @mensstylepro, in which he tells of his life experience as a Black man and about allyship & standing up for each other as humans.
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The issue is bigger than black and white, but, for now — we need to see that this injustice affects people that look like me at a higher rate. To many of you, I’m your friend, a needed ear and someone that you’d missed if my life was taken away because I’m seen as a threat because of the color of my skin. It’s been so long for us “fighting the good fight” through protests, legislation and becoming more educated, however, we’re still seen as less than human. Seeing the senseless killing of black & brown people on an almost daily basis isn’t just disheartening, it’s creating a sense of PTSD among the black community at large. . I can’t believe that I have to think that each day I leave my house could be my last. With this last string of killings of these beautiful African American individual, a tipping point was reached in the country. We’ve seen a lot of solidarity among different races and ethnicities and I couldn’t be happier to see the support. But, when the small groups of fool hijacked what were peaceful protest and turn them into looting extravaganzas, my heart fell. It fell because from a media perspective, it was young black youth being seen looting and destroying many local business that were built on the backs of individuals the worked so hard to get to that point in their lives. It NEEDS TO STOP. Let’s get back to protesting, challenging our leaders to lead and truly stand up for OUR RIGHT TO LIVE. If you’re in the majority, please stand up for the minorities because your voice push the change. We can’t do this alone. . We ARE NOT A THREAT, WE ARE HUMAN! Please support us and lets bring this country together. . #StandWithUs #BlackLivesMatter #GEORGEFLOYD #BREONNATAYLOR #AhmaudArbery #RIghtToLife #UnitedWeStand #Philly #yophillymag #amplifymelanatedvoices

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  • D1A’s Creative Strategist, Adaobi Ugoagu @disorderlyfashion, created #cashoutwednesday to drive people to activate their solidarity by posting screenshots of donations made to Black organizations.
  • Grace Bukunmi @bukunmigrace has been sharing organizations to donate to, including screenshots of her personal donations, numbers to call and text to speak to representatives and officials, and encouraging her community to vote and activate.