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The Ones to Know Presents: The Future

Issue 8

Download the issue here.

This issue of Perspectives Quarterly is brought to you by The Ones to Know, D1A’s initiative to change the way in which influencers and creators show up in the industry. Those driving culture forward are oftentimes left out of pertinent conversations; and so began an agency-wide program to bring together the innovators, change makers, and thought leaders influencing a generation both on and offline.

We created this issue in partnership with longtime friend and collaborator Grace Bukunmi; throughout this edition you’ll hear from creators who are at the forefront of culture, through op-eds, interviews and original artwork, together painting a picture of The Future. As they share their intentions, hopes and vision for 2021 and beyond, we co-create a body of work that brings together some of the most impactful and influential storytellers to offer you a glimpse into The Future. Join us.

Download the issue here.