The Identity Issue Cover

The Identity Issue

Issue 4

From the Editor

Each quarter, Day One Agency hosts a roundtable discussion, gathering diverse voices to weigh in on one topic we find interesting and provocative. With Issue #4 of Perspective Quarterly, we focused on identity and how identity shapes us, the decisions we make, and how we relate to each other. The slashes and multi-hyphenates that once divided us now unite and define us.

The word “identity” often conjures up ideas around who we are and where we belong. It can denote a variance within a group: age, race, gender, ethnicity, and ability. Our identity can also be informed by the composition of our minds, our decisions, our actions—even the contents of our social media feeds and the brands we love.

The world at this moment is closer than ever, yet also more fractured. Because of this, the stakes are higher. We must look for commonalities and tell stories that unite us.

We put together this issue of Perspective Quarterly to explore all aspects of how identity is shaped today and what it means for how we, as marketers, think of, relate to, and reach our audiences.

Josh Rosenberg, CEO