Gen Z Cover

A Perspective on Gen Z, By Gen Z

Issue 5

From the Editor

Each quarter, Day One hosts a roundtable, gathering diverse voices to weigh in on a focused topic.

Issue #5 of Perspective Quarterly focuses on something that’s top of mind for marketers today: Generation Z. Generation Z is the post-Millennial demographic of people born between the mid-1990s to early 2000s, which, according to Forbes, is on track to become the largest generation of consumers by the year 2020.

Last year we launched, our agency’s platform dedicated to answering questions about GenZ by GenZ, with the goal of giving marketers the opportunity to hear from and therefore better connect with this generation. My generation.

From our need for transparency and authenticity to our social activism, we are complex consumers. In the following pages, my Gen Z Day One colleagues will give you a glimpse into how they think and perceive the world around them. You’ll see how we’re challenging the beauty industry, changing gaming, and disrupting sports. We wholeheartedly embrace the “extra” label that society has put on us. Growing up in a digital-first era, where immediacy, availability, and instant access to others is expected means the world is at our fingertips. And with our eyes on our screens, capturing our attention and stopping us in our scrolls takes a deep understanding of our values and priorities.

Rather than have others write on our behalf, we thought it was about time we spoke for ourselves and shared our perspective with you. From the colors to the content, everything you see in these pages was written, designed, and produced by the Gen Zers at Day One Agency. We’re lit but we’re also woke. We’re never pressed but we will throw shade. So prepare for your wig to be snatched as you dive into this issue of Perspectives Quarterly. (Don’t worry, we’ve also included a Gen Z dictionary on page 16 to help you make sense of all of this.)

Taylor Lott
Associate Digital Strategist